JULY 26 2019


Eric Benardeau

He is back !!!
With a surprisingly and long awaited great song.
Looking forward to discovering your album master Lloyd.

greg sachno

my wife and I and where listening to lioyd 29 years ago in that largely forgotten English summer of 1990,22 years of marriage,children and grandchildren later we are back to see him in Belfast….briiliant,

Jerry Kuznik

Let’s see, we’ve got a Krautrock intro , a synth arpeggio that sounds like a holdover from “Long Way Down”, and the twelve letter “F” bomb on a LLOYD COLE song??? While I loved Standards, this is asking a lot from someone who has been with you all the way from Joan Didion name-checks to early 70’s Bob Dylan send-ups. But then again, maybe I’m getting cranky in my old age 😐

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