JULY 26 2019


Douglas Griffin

Some good, some not so but glad to see that you are still writing and performing (but sorry that UK tour tickets are sold out so far in advance). Keep up the good work of the past thirty plus years career.


While I do understand, and sympathize with, the need to try something different, evolve artistically, if you will… sorry, Lloyd, but this is really not my cup of tea. Gonna have to pass. Happily, I appear to be the minority πŸ˜€


You nailed it Lloyd. You can really feel all the effort and hard work that has gone into it. Can’t wait to see you live in Nantes later this year! Thank you for a great album – you can be proud!

Eduardo Lopez Armand

Beautiful songs.I bought the album twelve days ago (because of the beautiful “Violins”) and didn’t listen to it too much.Then I made a deep listening and definitely I LOVE IT entirely.
Great job, Lloyd, thank you!!

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