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By sigggy (Admin) [au] Date 2009-10-21 19:37
Westward Ho!

Its away. With the LA show very soon at the historic The Troubadour. Anyone that gos to a show try to fill us in on the Forum here, add pictures if you can-host them at a site like Photobucket and link to them using the image function on the forum. Add a setlist if you get time to jot it down.

Hope to be getting some feedback here in the Touring section-there will be quite some coverage when the tour hits Australian shores. Its been too long since 2007. 
By sigggy (Admin) [au] Date 2009-10-23 04:49
First pic in....


Looks good!
By sigggy (Admin) [au] Date 2009-10-23 19:33
Thanks Geoff, good pics too. The Troubadour has a great look, and lots of musical history. Thanks for getting away from the fairway to bring some feedback.

A plug for your efforts!:

By sigggy (Admin) [au] Date 2009-10-24 18:37
Thanks Loganstreet, It looks like a great night. Brian has just chipped in with San Francisco report so I'll add a link. Brian will be Flying to Australia for some more show/s so look forward to more, and catching up for a BBQ?

Here is his night:

By sigggy (Admin) [au] Date 2009-10-26 19:48
By @kyleigh (Moderator) Date 2009-10-27 10:58
A review and pic of last night's show in Auckland was posted on the Just Fans Wall of new Lloyd Cole is my Guru Facebook page:


Click on the Just Fans option..

Westward Ho!
By sigggy (Admin) [au] Date 2009-10-27 11:33
Sold out....but can we help Gus? I hope so. I've hoped to catch up with Gus on a Fly-In. Will be in touch if I hear anything. It should be good! Great venue-no kitchen in sight.
By sigggy (Admin) [au] Date 2009-10-28 19:42
Wishing Elle a great night at the Wellington show. Thanks for your help with the flyers and the design work. Very handy and well done. Fill us in on how the show goes!

By sigggy (Admin) [au] Date 2009-10-29 18:50
Thanks for the Flyers-will be used in Oz-great quality thanks Elle! Need to print today as the Melbourne Cup shuts Melbourne down for a few days.
Loved the photo you put up on the New Lloyd Cole is my Guru site.

and your review-watch out Will or Frank!

Bodega, Wellington. October 29th.

Arrived to find the place packed, but I found a lovely spot up front and when Lloyd came into view everyone was awfully excited.The set was great - as Lloyd explained, he was both the opening act - so we got to hear new and unfamiliar songs, and the headliner - with the singles we know and love being played. There was a ridiculously drunk pair who talked a lot over some songs(as is the Bodega way), but Lloyd was exceptionally patient and his banter made my night. Highlight - Unhappy Song, and the sheer beauty of an acoustic set.
In this photo: Lloyd Cole, I will have his babies. Or marry his babies.

Elle's site


Guru and Pic:

By sigggy (Admin) [au] Date 2009-10-30 05:59
I had a peep at thisFox, nice work.

Here is a small tweet about the night in Wellington, some more people have sent in good reviews to the site admin, if they had put them out here for all to read, it would have been better. They all had a great time at the Wellington show.
Just saw Lloyd Cole at Bar bodega, Wellington, great show, he's very talented and quite funny, relived some of the 80's! and new stuff too.
By spence [nz] Date 2009-10-31 09:30
Saw Lloyd last night at Al's bar in Christchurch:he didn't disappoint!He started off with "29",which was great,as I've always
had a soft spot for that one,and he then proceeded to produce an evening of wonderful,singing and playing.Seems like he played the standard touring set,which was fine by me, my wife and our daughter. Personal highpoints were too numerous:each song had a special appeal,but the Kristofferson & Cohen covers were fabulous too(no Tim Hardin this time unfortunately).The only downside
was the sound:for the first 6 or so songs it wasn't right and Lloyd himself looked a little...miffed shall we say...
However,after some knob tweaking etc,things improved considerably.My wife and I enjoyed the entire set,whilst our university student daughter prefers his newer material...hmmm interesting...
The crowd were pretty good:a few "I bought a Commotions album in the '80s,so play the old stuff" types,but overall,everyone just
enjoyed listening to a top quality musician.I'm no expert,but seeing Lloyd play the guitar was brilliant:watching the chord changes
etc really highlighted his talent(my daughter,who does play guitar was very impressed).
Topping off the evening was meeting and talking to the man himself. We took a few photographs, talked about his website,songs, his new 3 piece he's putting together and he confirmed he'd be back in the (near)future.It was an absolute privilage to meet you Lloyd:you're a genuine guy and a gent!
By sigggy (Admin) [au] Date 2009-11-03 19:38
Thornbury Theatre First Show Tonight.

I will be there selling Cds at the show and enjoying the night. Fill you in later. We have stocks of the Folksingers and COTA. Will fill you in on how it goes, here on the forum.
By sigggy (Admin) [au] Date 2009-11-04 14:21
Melbourne Thornbury Theatre-Night One 4/11/09

Its late, I should be in bed, but a little too excited to sleep. The first show in Australia for this tour at the Thornbury Theatre was a good one. I met Lloyd and had a chat before the show, my mind focussed on the Cds that we were selling on the night. Stella that helped with the merch sales was great to work with and we along with Elle's impressive poster made an impact.

We met the sound engineer, found out he had played drums for the John Butler Trio for a time, he explained the set-up and was handy help too. Sound check had occurred before we arrived, but they were happy with the sound. I must say so was I when the show started. Lloyd wanted he guitar down a little after the first song. The crowd were into it, helped along by many tables having meals at the venue and some alcohol.

The show got better and better. Lloyd remarked he had had trouble with his voice, but things were improving. He seemed to be filling people in just in case it went astray. It did, but only slightly, and only for very short moments. The crowd loved it as I could tell by the people coming up at the end of the show. The banter on the night was good. I'm a little sad, only six more shows to go for me.

In all it again more than met my expectations.

Setlist on the main site.
By susi [de] Date 2009-11-04 19:58
thanks Tim,

SOUNDS GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
By sigggy (Admin) [au] Date 2009-11-04 20:32
Yes Susi,

It was great and if you read Lloyd's tweets it seems to have worked for him too. 'My love affair with Melbourne continues - Thornbury Theatre is perfect venue for me. Only worry - can tomorrow match tonight? Hope so...' The acoustics are in place, the crowd tonight were the crowd that snapped up the tickets almost pre-advertising so things are in place for a great night. Brian and Michelle from the states for the show too.

I took some pics, but lens was not clean-more pics to come-I've hosted them at the new Facebook site.


Thanks to all that were there last night for adding to such a great night. To Lloyd for doing such a good show. Stella for your brilliant help.
By @kyleigh (Moderator) Date 2009-11-04 20:50
Looking forward to hearing tales of this evening's show! as you said these seats were snapped up as the first show on sale so should make for a terrific night!
By sigggy (Admin) [au] Date 2009-11-05 00:48
I think I labelled it incorrectly, not a still camera at all! I meant compact camera-good on YouTube-way better live.

By craighome (Moderator) [gb] Date 2009-11-05 20:00
Sounding very good :-)
By sigggy (Admin) [au] Date 2009-11-05 20:04 Edited 2009-11-05 22:28
Night Two The Thornbury Theatre Show

Another fantastic night.

The highlight of the night started early and that was picking up Brian that had flown over from the States for a family holiday that just happened to coincide with Lloyd's tour of Australia, great timing Brian and it was great to finally meet someone I have been sharing experiences with online when he set up the Fly-Ins site and documented his experiences of going to the live recording of 'the Whelan'.
Brian helped out the YIs on sales of Cds at the Thornbury and was impressed by the venue, Stella again returned to help out with Sophie. Sales were HUGE-very big on the first night-even bigger the second as the crowd lapped it up.

A small clip of the venue prior to the performance to show what it was like-that is Lloyd's assistant at the end of the clip, not Lloyd.

I was under the impression from the San Francisco show setlist Brian had posted that there would not be many song changes for the tour, so I figured I would kick back and totally enjoy the show, there were changes Mister Wrong was added to the Melbourne setlist and a few others that were not on either night.

It was a great crowd and once again as well as the music it was good to meet up with different people and hear different stories. It seems many are going on to Hepburn Springs shows. I was able to meet Andrew Watt from the Hey Hey My My website which was nice as I had been reading his website looking for Lloyd Cole stories to 'scoop' so it was great to put a face to the writing.


A really nice guy and good to see the music press coming along and really enjoying a show not just writing about music from the distance.

Many people that had seen seen Lloyd in 2000 at the very special, but now gone venue 'the Continental Cafe' compared the venue and the show to this for atmosphere and sound. Lloyd himself commented the same after the night.
Having a few YIs at the show was great and Lloyd invited us for a drink and a chat at the venue after the show after what was a huge signing session.

Another highlight was Lloyd saying Brian had come to Australia for the show and his description, with smile on his face as he said this from stage 'Crazy Mother-F*&^er' got a great laugh. I got more of a laugh when a few people came to the 'shop' asking for the CMF.

Loved it Melbourne, my home city has done the tour proud.
Lloyd's tweet of the night:

Oh, Melbourne, thanks again. Please have me back ASAP.

Yes we will.
By sigggy (Admin) [au] Date 2009-11-05 22:36
I found this:

06 Nov 2009 7:02 AM     
LLOYD COLE... Wednesday show was absolutely electric. So great to see that his more recent work is even better than his cred pop heydays songs. Had a fabulous time and the venue was great. Loved the other people at our table, hi to Richard (the first), Sarita and other Lloydie friends.

By sigggy (Admin) [au] Date 2009-11-05 22:39
And another: here is hoping they add to their blog their thoughts:

Lloyd Cole tonight- finally!

He's playing at the Thornbury Theatre which I've heard is lovely. It's also giving me the opportunity to catch up with my friend,Tanya whom I literally haven't seen in ages. We have much to catch up on as well.

Checked Lloyd's weblog and he's posted his setlist for this evening-bless. No support act-complete Lloyd. All killer and no filler.

By krazykatkb [us] Date 2009-11-06 04:27
Man, how are you making it to all these shows, assisting with the merchandising and finding time to search the web and do all these postings. Is time different down under? Does it run slower? Glad to hear that Brian made it down ok. Sounds like a great time for all. Getting me revved up for Windsor;-)
By susi [de] Date 2009-11-06 19:49
and other Lloydie friends.

Tim you make me smile :-)

Robert Forster will sing with him???
By sigggy (Admin) [au] Date 2009-11-07 19:23
Hi Solle,

Robert Forster was in Melbourne signing books too, shame he didn't get up with Lloyd at the Thornbury, my friend that came along is a huge Go-Betweens fanand it would have been even more special.

Here are two good blog reviews I found to list:

A Night Out with Lloyd Cole:

It is fair to say that if you weren’t fortunate enough to make the connection to Lloyd Coles music in the mid to late 80’s, – anyone remember “Perfect skin” or “Rattlesnakes?” – you may have missed out entirely on his career, which now spans some 3 decades and 15 album releases (and a few more in compilations and slash other).

As a singer song writer, the last 10 years of his career in particular, have been hallmarked by a return to a simplified acoustic approach, as he has taken greater artistic and commercial control over his music. In fact he seems to have skilfully avoided anything other than critical success, his desire to be authentic to his craft, and his long standing fan base, a kind of mantra.

Melbourne greeted him again last night for the fourth time this decade, in a sold out acoustic show in the intimate surrounds of a mid suburban theatre. For well over 2 hours he filled the room with the sweet melancholia of the verses he has penned, ever faithful to each era which has defined his musical journey.

Usually I struggle to find others in my life that know much about Lloyd Cole, so there is something very poignant about sitting in a room with a few hundred other fans who must be as die hard as I, or they wouldn’t know to even be there. There we all were, regarding each other respectfully, as we silently mouth along with the lyrics we know so well – (it’s a little hard to break out at an acoustic gig I’ve discovered!).

His performance is heartfelt, many songs offered with a sense that he is perennially in love with them, but I suspect many of us enjoy the wry and often self deprecating humour the peeps through mid set just as much. As he stumbles on a lyric of a song he has sung, I imagine, thousands of times before, he breaks and says “if you ever saw a concert of me that was flawless, you’d be watching a tribute act.”

Now in his mid 40’s that angst and melancholic disposition that provided the literary fodder in earlier years, has been refined to something that is more reflective and somewhat amused at the plight of middle age. He is open and real, offering personal asides like “As you can see, I am in peak physical condition, about 5-6 kg heavier than I should be, which affords me sufficient self loathing to sing these songs, and padding on which to rest this guitar.”

So I don’t feel so embarrassed that during this week I found myself, like the 15 year old I was, tearing out adverts from the newspaper for Lloyds show. Or that I still have, tucked inside an old album cover, an interview he did with Dolly magazine, way back in the mid 80’s, along side the autograph and photo I had taken with him in 2000, or the VHS tape with two of his film clips I taped from Sounds Unlimited, (a Saturday morning music clip program that defined my teenage years), despite not having a VHS player for at least 15 years.

Lloyd Cole at the COntinental 2000

Upstairs with Lloyd Cole, The Continental, Prahran, 2000

I am a lover of many genres of music but there is no other artist that has endured my admiration for what is now around 25 years. I guess many others would cite Dylan or Cohen as worthy, and at the risk of sounding like an 80’s hangover, many years later I do still enjoy the music of bands like The Cure or New Order. But this music still carries for me the feeling of my youth, whereas Lloyds music has changed and matured with me, and provides a kind of anthem which marks a passage of time on my yellow brick road.

For us fans, I imagine that is why we are ever faithful, that an insightful writer like Lloyd creates for us, a feeling of connection and being understood, in neat little three minute packages that form our own personal ‘life’ soundtracks.

And my shameless ‘Lloyd love’ seeded in me a healthy interest in ‘anguished blokes with guitars.’ Now I am a grown up, I have my own guitar bearing man, my talented partner Tex, who refuses to ever play me anything from Lloyds catalogue – and that’s probably a good thing!


Lloyd Cole - Live at The Thornbury Theatre, November 5, 2009

It is not everyday that you get to see one of your musical heroes live. This was the fourth time 'we' (the Good Lady Vinyl and I) have seen Lloyd Cole live and he didn't disappoint. We have seen him perform solo three times in Melbourne now and once in Sydney, and although the crowds appear to be getting older (except me - of course) they certainly appreciated being in the presence of musical and lyrical greatness.
In celebration of this event I am posting a 12" Remix of 'My Bag' from Lloyd Cole and The Commotions third and final LP 'Mainstream'. Although not received as enthusiastically as 'Rattlesnakes' and 'Easy Pieces' it still has some gems.

By sigggy (Admin) [au] Date 2009-11-08 18:10
Hi Kristen,

Time runs too fast for me. I'm three shows down, I wish I could time travel and find myself back at the Thornbury first night again. Its been great. Had a BBQ with Brian-only problem-he's a vegetarian-bbq'd vegetables don't taste so good. We've had fun together. Brian will be in Sydney too.
By sigggy (Admin) [au] Date 2009-11-09 10:01
Brisbane Review-and a very good one I might add.

November 9, 2009...5:41 pm
Cut Me Down: a night with Lloyd Cole

As the lights dimmed on the sellout crowd, a collective breath was taken. The anticipation was palpable. I was one of the many ‘first-timers’; too young to catch Lloyd Cole & The Commotions when they played Festival Hall in the late 80’s and for one reason or another missed his show a few years back at The Zoo, but tonight as Lloyd walked out of the side-of-stage darkness into the spotlight, centre stage, the 20 year wait came to a sweet end.


Cole, by his own admission, was never one for playing live, preferring to write and record music; but in recent years, this has all changed. Tonight he embodies the spirit of a folksinger. Standing on stage with nothing more than his two acoustic guitars, bottles of water and a bowl of ice, Cole draws the crowd into his world from the very first note. Most sets are studded with highlights, but Saturday night’s show was overflowing with them.

The second song of the night was a stunning cover of Leonard Cohen’s, Tower of Song. Cole, like Cohen blessed with the gift of a golden voice. Lloyd then informed us that the night would be broken up into two sets and in the tradition of the support band, he would play songs that no one would know. And then the first notes of Rattlesnakes echoed through the room… It wasn’t the jangly pop number that has featured on the soundtrack to so many lives all around the globe, no, tonight’s version was stripped back, soulful, showcasing the moody lyricism Cole is renowned for. Other tracks from the Commotions era to feature in the set were Perfect Skin, Cut Me Down, Brand New Friend, Are You Ready To Be Heartbroken?, 2cv, Lost Weekend and Why I Love Country Music.

Why I Love Country Music came at a time when one young lady, who to quote Hinemoana Baker, was a little over-refreshed, was making it known she wanted to hear 2cv or in her (rather slurred) words, some of the songs with good lyrics. To say the least, several members of the crowd at that stage wanted to lynch her, but Lloyd kept everyone cool, the irony of the lyric, We don’t talk, we don’t fight/ I’m just tired, she’s way past caring, might have been lost on said lady, but the crowd loved it (I should also add that she did not make it back in for the second half of the show, so missed hearing 2cv…).

Lloyd Cole

He played songs from (almost) every album, Blue Skies and Undressed from his first solo album, Butterfly and Pay For It from Don’t Get Weird On Me Babe, Like Lovers Do and Unhappy Song from Love Story, Old Enough To Know Better from etc… Young Idealists and Woman in a Bar from Antidepressant and a swag of songs from his 2003 masterpiece Music in a Foreign Language, including my personal highlight, Late Night, Early Town, as well as a cover of the Kris Kristofferson song, Don’t Tell Me How The Story Ends. And as Lloyd pointed out, he is now in peak physical condition, to perform… carrying an extra 5kg to cushion his guitar and give him the necessary self-loathing to perform some of the songs.

It was a setlist to ensure every fan went home smiling, dusting off their old vinyl, or reaching for a CD from the rack. And I have no doubt, many of them will be changed forever. That is the power of an artist at their peak; they take you somewhere and bring you back richer for the experience… Cole has that transformative power, and I am thankful to have felt its pull.

By sigggy (Admin) [au] Date 2009-11-09 10:06
Rattlesnakes at the Powerhouse
Written by Mark White on November 9th, 2009

I can now add another to the “artists I’d always wanted to see play live” list: Sue & I saw Lloyd Cole play an acoustic gig at the Brisbane Powerhouse on Saturday night, in what was a really enjoyable show. I was going to qualify Cole as being “lead singer of 80’s band The Commotions”, but was clear from his two hour set that there’s very, very much more in his repertoire and career than Rattlesnakes.

Played with a brief intermission – “Go get a drink, I’ll be back in 15 minutes” – the two sets were ostensibly divided into newer stuff (first set, with one notable exception) followed by a fair mix of old and new in the second set. The notable exception came just after he explained that “you’ll probably not know any songs in this first set”, just as he broke into a thoughtful rendition of Rattlesnakes, his monster hit from 1984.

Irony was clearly not lost on the man, as he went on to explain that he wasn’t so depressed these days, but carrying an extra 5kg gave him just the right amount of self-loathing to perform the melancholy melodies of his youth!

In the second set his well-crafted ballads were interspersed with cheers of recognition for Lost Weekend, Cut Me Down, Perfect Skin and other well-known Commotions songs. He seemed to be more comfortable in the second set, largely (we think) due to the absence of an unfortunately drunk female heckler who had interrupted parts of the first set. But a great show, a terrific venue, and an incredible artist and songwriter.

One final item of note: at the bar I was queuing next to Brisbane author Nick Earls, who I was later reminded wrote a novel entitled Perfect Skin – borrowed from, we believe, the title of one of Lloyd Cole’s songs, as befits the man who also borrowed a Go-Betweens title when he wrote Bachelor Kisses. I wondered if he’d ever met the sources of his inspiration, or was just, like us, anonymous admirers in a very contented audience?

By sigggy (Admin) [au] Date 2009-11-13 02:11
Oh my...he is talking about me!

Nov 12, 2009
Fan-fuelled artist 

ENGLISH singer-songwriter Lloyd Cole is the ultimate do it yourself artist. He runs his own websites and online store, gets fans to help finance his records and has a global team of volunteers who help him in his worldwide tours.

Cole will play his first show in Singapore at the 245-seat Esplanade Recital Studio on Monday.

The networking efforts have paid off - the gig, his first here, is sold out. The former frontman of critically lauded 1980s indie band The Commotions attracts a loyal following of fans through getting them to help out by managing his website and promoting him.

For his upcoming concert, one of this group of hardcore fans, who call themselves The Young Idealists, will fly from Australia just to give him a hand at the show.

'Believe it or not, somebody from Melbourne is flying to Singapore to help me sell CDs,' the 48-year-old tells Life! in a telephone interview from New York.

Far from being the stereotypical aloof and distant pop star, he relishes that there are no barriers between himself and his fans.

Read the full report in Friday's edition of The Straits Times' LIFE!.

By krazykatkb [us] Date 2009-11-13 04:48
You go Tim!!! ;-)
By sigggy (Admin) [sg] Date 2009-11-15 22:50
Here is some footage from the start of the tour. Good footage....Undressed.

By @kyleigh (Moderator) Date 2009-11-16 03:50
Fantastic footage!
By krazykatkb [gb] Date 2009-11-16 22:58
Poop! Can not see footage on iPod.  Will have to view upon return home:(
By sigggy (Admin) [sg] Date 2009-11-17 08:34
Three more from the slightly noisy New Zealand show Windsor Castle:

Not quite sure what that second song is...oh yes
By melanie_hancox [fr] Date 2009-11-19 21:07
Paris l'Europeen 18th November 2009.

My 'review'

Et les mots du soir? ‘Je me moque moi même’
L’Europeen is a former music hall venue (info thanks to Molly, now a fellow ‘idealist’) with great acoustics and sight lines for the audience. So no wonder Lloyd twittered mid-gig that it was his favourite venue in the world. After explaining (in English) that he had been coming to Paris for twenty four years, Lloyd claimed that he had been making a fool of himself for the same period of time in attempting to woo the audience with his French. And his newly learnt phrase of the evening? ‘je me moque moi même’ – I make a fool of myself.
No fool here though. Lots of great songs delivered with layered and relaxed vocals and accomplished guitar playing. Incredibly, neither the guitars nor Lloyd’s vocals seemed to have suffered from the many air miles they have undertaken in the last few of weeks. I'm sure that his vocals only get better and better.
And what did he play? When an artist has so many great treats in the box - none too sweet, none too sour – just the right balance of bitter-sweet irony and perceptive humour- does it matter which? A very slow rendition of Rattlesnakes was followed by the explanation that it was an old song and had consequently become slow with age. Well these days that’s a sentiment that much of his audience can sympathise with. ‘What’s Wrong With This Picture?’ is a favourite of mine and I was also delighted with the rendition of Kris Kristofferson’s ‘Please Don’t Tell Me How The Story Ends’.
After the gig, a clearly exhausted Lloyd took the time to have his photo taken, give autographs and to listen to the adulation of (occasionally inebriated) fans. A great evening.
By sigggy (Admin) [au] Date 2009-11-20 05:39 Edited 2009-11-22 23:29
Great review thanks Melanie thanks for filling us in...I knew I shouldn't have stopped at Singapore. I found a blog that takes us all the way back to the Thornbury:

By Mint Custard see blog url at bottom of article:

Lloyd Cole, Thornbury Theatre, Melbourne
Although he almost certainly doesn’t know it, Lloyd Cole and I have been shackled together for almost twenty years. A school friend did me a tape of the Lloyd Cole and the Commotions compilation 1984-1989 when it came out and it was enough get me hooked on black turtle neck jumpers for life.

Before you get ideas otherwise, I’m not making spurious claims to teenage hipness or music credibility. Kylie was very much on my walls and walkman at that time, and I don’t think baggy XXL James t-shirts were ever cutting edge fashion. It’s just that whenever my teenage brain needed a dose of ‘grown up’ Lloyd Cole seemed like the most grown up and - more importantly - the coolest grown up around.

When I eventually got around to growing up a bit myself, Lloyd remained several paces ahead. By the time I was experiencing the academia blues and government grants he sang about in 1984, he had already given up his search for ‘a religious girl with child-baring hips and a wedding veil’ and was imploring his latest lost love to ‘take a half of everything and please go.’ To me these were the rites of passage chopped into bite-sized pieces, ready to be washed down with glugs of red wine, whiskey and cigarettes – a more interesting mix than the cheap bitter and triples-for-a-pound I was living off.

Fifteen years on I’ve caught up some more. Sadly, whilst I might have learnt how fall in and out of love, drink for pleasure more than paralysis and wear a suit without looking like a complete dick, I still don’t look as cool or brooding as Lloyd on the cover on 1993’s Bad Vibes. And yet – somewhat reassuringly - neither does he.

Not to suggest that he has done a Boy George. The Lloyd Cole who toured Australia last week was still Hollywood handsome and - despite self-depreciatingly suggesting otherwise – trim. What was missing was the attitude. For me the loveliness of songs like Let’s Get Lost and Undressed were evidence enough at the time that his Mr Grumpy act was just that, but Cole’s moody, gentle arrogance and unapologetic seriousness were very much part of his post-Commotions shtick. Album covers and tour posters determinedly keep up the charade, but these days Lloyd in the flesh is humble, personable and a tad less serious than he used to be.

His show at the Thornbury Theatre reminded me of his initials-sake Leonard Cohen’s breezy live performances earlier this year (indeed Cohen's Tower of Song makes an early appearance). Cole’s more relaxed approach is inclusive but takes nothing away from the music itself which, if anything, is more potent for the clarity with which the words can be heard over his lone acoustic guitar.

Reinvented over the past few years as a self-styled folk singer, Cole has become adept at mining and recasting gems from his 25-year catalogue. The concert’s two-part set offered acoustic takes from just about every album from Rattlesnakes to his recent rarities box set, Cleaning Out The Ashtrays with some songs radically reinvented, others trimmed down to their bare bones.

Amongst such diversity, it was noteworthy how often the word young seemed to crop up. The sublime Don’t Look Back (‘life seems never ending, when you’re young’), Music in a Foreign Language ('forgive me if I'm less than awed, by your world-weary twenty-six year old') and Woman in a Bar (in which Cole declares himself 'no longer angry, no longer young, no longer driven to distraction not even by Scarlett Johansson’) share a ruefulness that camouflages the sixteen years that elapsed between their creation.

Such sage self-reflection is nothing new (as if to prove it, the evening starts with 29’s memorable couplet ‘life begins at 30 so I have been told, I can easily believe it the way I’m getting on’) but the idea that youth always feel like it’s slowly slipping away – even when you’re approaching 50 and should probably have gotten over it – is an interesting one; doubly so for someone who has spent time wishing away his youth and looking at people like Cole for inspiration on how to age.

Still I came away from the show with a sense that Cole is reasonably content with his lot. Relaxed and jovial, he seems keenly aware of his position somewhere between ex-pop star and travelling salesman hawking his wares. It’s some way from Top of the Pops and next-big-thing status in the NME, but though his younger self might have baulked at the idea it’s clear he understands the privilege of being a musician and the continued opportunity to make a living from it. Not a bad place to be, babe.

Musically I would be remiss not to admit that after three perfect rounds down under of Cole solo and acoustic, it would be lovely to see him pull an electric guitar out of his kitbag. His folksinger period has been wonderful and I’m sure it’s nice to travel the world without having to worry about others people's egos, but it’s been a while since we saw him with even the smallest of touring groups. Perhaps next time?

As for me, well, as long as Cole continues to document his times with style, there is no chance of me ever closing the age gap. Maybe my lesson is to enjoy being where I am too.

By krazykatkb [gb] Date 2009-11-20 18:07
Lloyd wowed Windsor. No surprise:)
The capacity crowd was full of appreciative fan. I did not keep a set list, but he kept to the same rotation as previous shows. Had a brief chat before the show. Lloyd said that he was doing well until he had napped earlier and the miles started to catch up. Could not tell from performance. He explained some grimaces away with the fact that he had cut a finger. I could not tell that it effected his playing any. As a matter of fact (per Lloyd's own admission) I was about to believe I was at a tribute act until one small slip during "Chinese Translation".
True to form, he was out after the show to meet and greet. Very generous as always.
Venue was a nice little space. Sound was good and all the staff were very kind. Auditoium space was arranged with bleachers. So audiance was looking down towards Lloyd who was on the main floor. I would imagine the view from all seats is good. Main drawbacks were the metal railing tended to rattle as people moved and a door at the side liked to rattle. There is only one center aisle for seating access. Unfortunately that was right in front of Lloyd's line of sight.  Most people tried to be as quick as possible and enter/exit between songs. I am sure it was a bit irritating from Lloyd's point of view.
Food from the bar was quite tasty for that type of fare. The bartender, Michael was ever so kind and helpful to us yanks. Plus he was very cute too;)
All in all a great evening. Navagated the rail system for the first time and did not get side tracked. Windsor is lovely. Would love to return and visit longer. Now I have to pack for the journy home - blah!!!
By sigggy (Admin) [au] Date 2009-11-20 20:14
Sounds like quite an adventure, and well summed up. I love the addition of the Bartender Michael into the review.............what a Fly-In!
By sigggy (Admin) [au] Date 2009-11-20 20:55
Pics from Singapore:
See link-
By sigggy (Admin) [au] Date 2009-11-21 20:45
These mini reviews sent to the admin part of Lloyd's site:

L'Européen - Paris, Novembre 2009

Just a quick message to say: what a delicious moment at l'Européen yesterday...
I don't have any Bentley or Audi but I'm rich of your songs ! :-)
Come back soon ! Revenez vite !

there are six CD spaces in my honda (which looks like a bentley-so i am told....) & since lloyd's performance in singapore, dylan is afforded only one.
a remarkable 'recital'-enjoyed every second-butterfly & that boy very special.
it's too late to get to windsor but maybe bath....glasgow, that would be nice

By sigggy (Admin) [au] Date 2009-11-23 20:05
Lloyd Cole – Live!

A filthy night in Brighton is not for the fainthearted, but Lloyd Cole is a talent worth braving the elements for. For those not in the know, Cole’s star burned brightly in the eighties when he was lauded by the music press as one of the most distinctive and literate songwriters around. A string of hit singles and albums followed until seemingly at the height of his success, he disbanded the Commotions and decamped for New York. Predictably the press turned on him and although he continued to record exceptional albums, he was denied the recognition he deserved. Stung by the experience, Cole has spent a decade crafting immaculate songs, releasing the results on a series of self financed albums and touring solo.

To the show then. Two sets, about 35 songs including covers of Leonard Cohen’s ‘Tower of Song’, Kris Kristofferson’s ‘Please Don’t Tell Me How This Story Ends’ and surprisingly, The Killer’s ‘Human’. Cole’s dry, self deprecating wit lifts the audience and the voice being intact, his reworked arrangements of his own extensive catalogue, including a dusting of new material combine to produce a truly remarkable gig. Cole’s is an enviable talent, as a songwriter he leaves other more feted musicians in his dust, as a lyricist he is quite simply untouchable. That he has decided to reject the trappings of the industry allows his music to speak for itself. That it does, eloquently, is no mean achievement in a business where for most performers such a decision would result in at best, a ghastly silence. About time for a critical reappraisal in my opinion…

By sigggy (Admin) [au] Date 2009-11-24 19:20
I found this in a blog-it refers to the Singapore show and the back story:

One of the questions I got asked by the specialist was “do you ever experience deja vu?” Do I? Not again! I get deja vu a lot (along with its close kinfolk Astonishing Coincidence, Synchronicity, Morphic Resonance and Jamais Vu). What that means for my head, I don’t know, but it segues me neatly to the last thing I wanted to mention. About twenty five years ago, as an undergraduate, I went with several of my friends to a Lloyd Cole and the Commotions gig. We liked them very much, and we liked the show very much too, especially the endearing fact that they played some of their best numbers more than once (“because we don’t know that many songs yet” Mr Cole offered by way of an explanation).

One of my best friends - we’ll call him Duffy, because that’s his name - decided, for reasons he later came to regret, not to come to the gig. He was kicking himself for missing it within days, if not hours, of the concert.

Last week, he emailed me (he lives in a distant part of the world now). He wanted to tell me that he had finally got the chance to go to a Lloyd Cole concert (no more Commotions these days), and had enjoyed it hugely. After the interval, Mr Cole had played one of his most famous songs, but because some of the audience had been late back from the bar, and had missed it, he played it again. Then he said, “I haven’t played a song twice in one concert since 1984. Back then it was because I didn’t know many songs”). He was referring, you see, to the actual concert that I had been to, and which Duffy had missed, and now Duffy and been there when he said-

I’m sure you get it. Nice and synchronous though, right?


Dan Abnett's Blog
By sigggy (Admin) [au] Date 2009-11-27 00:52 Edited 2009-11-27 02:14
Setlist the Y theatre Leicester: Nov 25th

Tower of Song (Leonard Cohen cover)
If I Were A Song
Pay for It
My Alibi
Don't Look Back
Woman in a Bar
Late Night, Early Town 
Morning Is Broken
Old Enough to Know Better 
That Boy
No Blue Skies
Are You Ready to Be Heartbroken
Four Flights Up
What's Wrong With This Picture?
Cut Me Down
The Flipside of That Gentle Melancholy Feeling
Trigger Happy
No More Love Songs
Music in a Foreign Language 
(Unknown)David Crosby cover
Brand New Friend
Please Don't Tell Me How the Story Ends (Kris Kristofferson cover)
Lost Weekend
The Young Idealists 
Perfect Skin
Unhappy Song
By sigggy (Admin) [au] Date 2009-11-27 21:52
Tartan Clef Music Awards

Also coming home to Scotland for an exclusive Tartan Clef’s appearance are Glasgow’s own Lloyd Cole & the Commotions who are reuniting on stage especially for the show. Their seminal 1984 debut album Rattlesnakes has appeared in NME’s Top 100 Albums of All Time and is regularly quoted as an influence by artists as diverse as Tori Amos and the Manic Street Preachers: this performance is sure to be as important a landmark.


Footage anyone?
By OfficeEnnui [us] Date 2009-11-27 22:10
Is this actually a Commotions reunion?  I thought that was just a journalist's mistake.  If so, Lloyd rather underplayed this.
By sigggy (Admin) [au] Date 2009-11-27 22:28
Yes it is!

Lloyd really underplayed it. Playing two songs so I guess that is why. No Lawrence on bass either.
By sigggy (Admin) [au] Date 2009-11-28 05:19 Edited 2009-11-28 05:23
First pic scoop!!!

By OfficeEnnui [us] Date 2009-11-28 16:06
Do you know what two songs they played? That's Neil and Blair.  Is Stephen back there on drums?
By sigggy (Admin) [au] Date 2009-11-28 21:26
I have no answer to this..yet...but is that a piano accordion being played? and would that possibly be 'Brand New Friend' ?? Lets see.

I think Stephen is on drums. Lawrence is the only one that Lloyd didn't mention here:

2 songs only
acoustic guitars, accordian, bass (Dave Cummings - Lawrence couldn't make it) and drums
By susi [de] Date 2009-11-28 21:40
hey Tim I read the name Dave Cummings and I think" Del Amitri"....so is it this one????????????????????or just the same name
By sigggy (Admin) [au] Date 2009-11-28 21:47
That is indeed something to look into...it could be!
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