I just got back from LA. I was working on drum tracks for my forthcoming album with Fred Maher. No microphones were used.

Fred loved the Double Knot, and is slightly traumatized by the idea of a modular drum system. ie bad drug.



Hope it will sound a good experience, perhaps to extent the idea of a modular drum system, I am drummer myself loyal to real live drum sound and it’s ok sometimes to replace real live drums for drum sound generated by electronic desk system which can be used to fill tracks with drum sounds including effects as well as for other reasons.

On the ( 1990 ) Lloyd Cole first solo album, Fred Maher did a phenomenal job, everything about the drums played on the whole album sound perfect, the quality of the drums, and cymbal sounds are so good.

The drums on the Commotions albums are also brilliant I think Lloyd was lucky that having got used to be playing with Stephen Irvine then Fred Maher is chosen to be the official drummer for Lloyd on his first solo album I think it was an excellent choice.

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