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To be released on July 26th.
8 new songs.

The Over Under (Cole) 7:06
Night Sweats (Cole) 6:19
Violins (Cole) 6:48
Remains (Cole/Cowan) 5:09
The Afterlife (Cole) 4:28
Moments and Whatnot (Cole) 4:13
When I Came Down From The Mountain (Cole/Cowan) 4:50
The Loudness Wars (Cole) 5:23

Lloyd Cole – Guitars, Synthesizers, Programming
Neil Clark – Guitars
Blair Cowan – Synthesizers, Programming
Fred Maher – Synthesizers, Programming

Recorded by Lloyd Cole, Neil Clark, Blair Cowan, Mark Alan Miller.
Produced by Lloyd Cole.
Additional production – Fred Maher, Dave Derby.
Executive production – Chris Hughes.
Mixed by Olaf Opal at …
Mastered by Kai Blankenberg at Skyline Tonfabrik.

Cover portrait by Steven Lindsay.


Harlon Mitchell

Great news about the new album! My wife and I are really looking forward to it. Hope you can make it back to Largo in Los Angeles again. We saw you there last year for your solo acoustic set.

You were correct when you said at one point in the show that some of your audiences are usually there because their wife or girlfriend brought them along grudgingly. Which was true initially. However, through the course of your performance and story telling, I became a new fan!

Jeanne and Kenneth

So happy to hear about the new album! We were lucky to see Lloyd on the east and west coast of the U.S. before we had kids, now happy to see our uni age daughter will get to see him in Dundee, Scotland in the fall! Still love your old music Lloyd, but can’t wait to hear the new stuff in July.

bob maguire from france

hi when can i order a signed cd copy from your site

as usual with it being signed 4 four times since my record for signing is 3 times

ps no vinyl
merci lc

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