This was originally posted 29 July 2010 but I’m reviving it, because it is awesome.

Definitely my favourite email this year came today from Brisbane. Here’s the note in it’s entirety –

Just moved into a new neighbourhood, found this one block down.

note bird on wire



Carl Duck

Hi Lloyd

Sat in office at The University of Hull listening to you on Radio 6.
No Blue Skies is playing. This is a huge flashback moment for me. I was a 19 year old student when that album came out. I loved it so much. My girlfriend at the time had it on vinyl and I wanted a copy so much. It was a Sunday afternoon and in those days no shops were open except a petrol garage. No luck I’m afraid.

So nearly 30 years on and I am now an ‘academic’ but for a moment I was young, naive and had time to listen to music and believe in it.



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