This was originally posted 29 July 2010 but I’m reviving it, because it is awesome.

Definitely my favourite email this year came today from Brisbane. Here’s the note in it’s entirety –

Just moved into a new neighbourhood, found this one block down.

note bird on wire




California Dreaming

This reminded me of a running feature in the San Francisco Chronicle in which people sent in photographs of imprinted street names in sidewalks or street signs that had the same names that they did.

I then remembered that I often caught the N Judah trolley at Carl and Cole. So I searched for a Lloyd. Turns out that it’s not far away, but parallel. See:

Cole is one block west of the first H in Haight-Ashbury.

Sorry that I don’t live in SF any more or i’d send in the photos.

Perhaps this will be a continuing feature as well. We might want to move it as a thread to the forum.

Corks Finest

Just wink at me

Can’t wait to see you in Cork…I might buy your new album if you wink at me at the gig. I’ll have me green eyeliner, fake tan and cowboy boots along with me cowboy hat. I’ll even bring me 4iron for you to beat me with later…..Love ya Star…..

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