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Category: Ask Lloyd

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Why is DGWOMB a mistake?
publication date: jan/1/2000
posted: 01/04/2004  by Lloyd
category: Ask Lloyd

FAQ - Why is Don't Get Weird on me Babe one of your mistakes?
-Victoria Miller, Los Angeles, CA & Noel Megahey & David A. Smith & Tony Iallonardo, Washington DC

A - Well, I don't think my vo... more >

source of official lyrics
publication: Lloyd Cole and the Commotions
publication date: 31/12/1986
posted: 06/11/2004  by heidi
category: Ask Lloyd

Q - Hello Lloyd, I recently acquired a copy of the 1986 songbook _Lloyd Cole and the Commotions_. I was quite surprised to read some of the lyrics. They differ markedly from the ones that you have posted on t... more >

What about the north east??
publication date: 30/7/05
posted: 30/07/2005  by trisguk
category: Ask Lloyd

Q - Any gigs in the north?
hey lloyd i saw you in beverly a few years back... but apart from that it seems you stick with london you thought about comming to the north for you gigs... great venues in leed... more >

Best regards from Portugal
publication date: 30/08/2004
posted: 30/08/2004  by Bernas
category: Ask Lloyd

Q - I had the pleasure to see your show last weekend in Portugal, Óbidos and let me tell it was FABULOUS!!
The castle provides a magical enviroment dont you agree!?
P.s: I wouls like to ask wich wer... more >

Begining guitar player
publication date: 30-05-2011
posted: 30/05/2011  by Lukaa
category: Ask Lloyd

Q - Hey Lloyd, I'm just 14 and I'm a big fan of you. I have a beautiful accoustic guitar for two weeks now, so the first things I want to play is Lloyd Cole. I can play Forest Fire a bit now, but I can&... more >

The Pandora experience
publication date: 29/06/2006
posted: 29/06/2006  by Joel
category: Ask Lloyd
link to original article online
1 comment

Q - Ever heard of the Pandora internet radio ? Just enter the name of an artist or a track you like and the radio will stream songs musically similar to your choice. And a short description will come with every... more >

Losing a Song
publication date: 29/06/2004
posted: 29/06/2004  by trfall
category: Ask Lloyd

Q - What do you mean you're "losing" a song? You said it while you were playing something at McCabe's the other night.

A - At McCabes in Santa Monica I was having trouble playing a son... more >

What is your connection to Paul Young
publication date: 28/10/07
posted: 28/10/2007  by Chris Pearl
category: Ask Lloyd

What is your relationship to Paul Young?... more >

Album Sales at Performances
publication date: 28/09/2006
posted: 28/09/2006  by Garth R
category: Ask Lloyd

Q - Was wondering if, firstly, the new album Antidepressant will be on sale at the upcoming North American tour dates. And secondly, do artists tend to see more profit from said sales as opposed to simply buyin... more >

"Human" with the Sixths
publication date: 28/03/2007
posted: 28/02/2007  by OfficeEnnui
category: Ask Lloyd

Q - How did your cover of the Human League's "Human" with Stephin Merrit's Sixths come about? Does it bespeak any fondness for either the Human League's or Stephin Merrit's work, or w... more >