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Latest Updates

Category: Recording News

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* Standards to be released in N. America, at last!
posted: 20/08/2014  by Lloyd
category: Recording News

It's finally happening, with clear vinyl to boot... more >

Standards is out!
posted: 22/06/2013  by Lloyd
category: Latest News

Critics seem to love it. Fans, too, so far. Who knows? Maybe this year will be a good one...... more >

Standards, Lloyd Cole - out on June 21st
posted: 05/04/2013  by Lloyd
category: Recording News

My new album - Standards - is scheduled for a June 21st release in mainland Europe...... more >

New album w/ HJ Roedelius - Selected Studies Vol 1
posted: 19/02/2013  by Lloyd
category: Recording News
link to original article online

I have a new album out this week. My first on Bureau B. It is a collaboration with Hans Joachim Roedelius (of Cluster, etc). Note, I do not sing or play guitar on this... my songs with guitars album (which I am... more >

Lloyd & Will Cole Acoustic Sessions 2012
posted: 22/10/2012  by Lloyd
category: Recording News

LCWL002 - The second in our white label, not quite an album, but definitely a CD series is Lloyd & Will Cole Acoustic Sessions 2012. Will and I played some shows together in Europe this Summer for which we work... more >

Broken Record discussion page
posted: 19/08/2010  by Lloyd
category: Recording News

The album is now released in North America, so I'll keep this thread 'sticky' for a little while longer.... more >

34 days
posted: 11/02/2010  by Lloyd
category: Recording News

New album recording schedule just about in place... more >

12.5 hours in the studio - 12 songs - $12 - Back in the Webshop!
posted: 23/01/2010  by Lloyd
category: Recording News

Back in Stock! Small Ensemble Live In the Studio debut Ltd Edition... more >

Folksinger Vol 3.1 Scheduled
posted: 11/01/2010  by Lloyd
category: Recording News

I have booked Slaughterhouse studios for Friday Jan 22nd.... more >

We are go!
posted: 06/01/2010  by Lloyd
category: Recording News

Thanks to all of you who have pre-ordered the next album, Tapete Records and XIII Bis records, we are now sure that we will have enough of a budget to make an album. We haven't reached our fund drive goal -... more >