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Category: Press, Media Coverage

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“Low”: Bowie’s crowning moment
publication: Salon.com
publication date: 16/06/2012
posted: 16/06/2012  by Lloyd
category: Press, Media Coverage
link to original article online

Dave Daley from Salon asked me for 800-1000 words for their Father's Day series. Here's his spec "I'm asking people to distill all this great cultural wisdom down to one thing -- the one band o... more >

Youtube Playlist from Bikini Toulouse, France, Show
publication: youtube
publication date: 22/01/2009
posted: 22/01/2009  by blgrieb Fly-Ins
category: Web Audio, Video, Radio
link to original article online

Thanks to chanteur13 and allocha 81, we have 7 videos from Bikini Toulouse. BTW, the link to all the playlists is http://www.... more >

Your Victor Meldrew reputation is BLOWN!
posted: 15/06/2008  by Fester
category: Lists, snippets, tangents
link to photo

Another of my favourite sites is the one dedicated to the legendary Grove Social Club in Dublin. Back in the day Rattlesnakes was played in its entirety at least once there! Anyway - came across this pic of a G... more >

Young Idealist
publication: The Press-press.co.nz
publication date: 23/10/2009
posted: 23/10/2009  by blgrieb Fly-Ins
category: Interviews, Features
link to original article online

Lloyd Cole is still causing a commotion, writes VICKI ANDERSON... more >

Yet More Phil Screen Videos
publication: youtube
publication date: 01/10/2008
posted: 06/10/2008  by blgrieb Fly-Ins
category: Web Audio, Video, Radio
link to original article online

Once again, we have another playlist thanks to Phil!!! This is a few more interviews.... more >

www.pulsetc.com Antidepressant review
publication: Pulse TC
publication date: 07/09/2006
posted: 13/09/2006  by brian
category: Record Reviews

Nice review of a new album from the "suave tunesmith."

On Antidepressant, English cult singer/songwriter Lloyd Cole’s fourth album for indie label One Little Indian, the suave, smooth tunesmith ... more >

Writers Retreat!-the Video
publication: YouTube
posted: 12/08/2010  by sigggy
category: Web Audio, Video, Radio
link to original article online

Tapete Records have added the video to Writers Retreat!. Add it to your Facebook etc.... more >

Worrying About Aging And Singing About It Lloyd Cole, singer Supper Club
publication: New York Times
publication date: 04/12/95
posted: 15/05/2008  by JOB
category: Concert Reviews
link to original article online

Had tickets to this concert, but was out of town on business. my loss.... more >

World's best golf-playing musician on tour in NZ
publication date: 29/10/09
posted: 29/10/2009  by sigggy
category: Interviews, Features
link to original article online
link to photo

Golf-with Lloyd & Golfing-NOTE: Watch Video with article... more >

Words rise above a commotion // BAD VIBES (Phonogram)
publication: The Advertiser (South Australia)
publication date: 09/12/1993
posted: 26/06/2004  by Tina
category: Record Reviews

After years spent finding his feet as a solo performer, which included albums where he tripped over himself trying to bring heavy-handed doses of rock and orchestral pop to his music, Lloyd Cole has finally dis... more >