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Category: Press, Media Coverage

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Interview of Lloyd on popnews.com
publication: popnews.com
publication date: 11/10/2006
posted: 24/10/2006  by Vincent
category: Interviews, Features
link to original article online
1 comment

Notre précédente rencontre avec Lloyd Cole remonte à plus de trois ans, à l'époque de son avant-dernier album, le délicat et très dépouillé "Music in a Foreign Language". De passage à Paris pour &... more >

Popnews interview (in French)
publication date: 25/03/2009
posted: 26/03/2009  by Vincent
category: Interviews, Features
link to original article online

Troisième rencontre avec Lloyd Cole pour POPnews, quelques heures avant un très beau et chaleureux concert en solo acoustique à l'Européen, à deux pas de la place de Clichy, prolongé par une longue séance d... more >

Concert review Basle
publication: Basler Zeitung
publication date: 04/02/2006
posted: 21/02/2006  by variety
category: Concert Reviews

Review published by «Basler Zeitung». 4th February 2006
Title in German: «Mann o Minimal»... more >

Clooney circa 1990
posted: 15/02/2008  by Valentina
category: Lists, snippets, tangents
link to original article online

Apparently 1990 was a bad hair year for even the biggest celebs. I saw this and for some reason thought of you and your wedding photos...

(Thanks for posting - this is pretty funny and makes me feel a LIT... more >

posted: 11/06/2009  by Valentina
category: Lists, snippets, tangents
link to original article online

Hardly news but I was watching an (hilarious) episode of c4's "The Inbetweeners" when bang there's a dissolve to a new scene featuring about 5 seconds of Wild Orphan.

Considering this s... more >

The Bubble
posted: 22/08/2007  by uchovsky
category: Lists, snippets, tangents

Our new movie 'The Bubble' will be released in the US theatrically on September 7.
The movie has beautiful two songs of yours on the soundtrack, in a very meaningful scene. The songs are "Mus... more >

Music: Cole, calm and collected
publication: The Guardian
publication date: 15/01/1990
posted: 28/04/2004  by Tina
category: Record Reviews

LLOYD COLE: Lloyd Cole... more >

Lloyd Cole / The Collection (Mercury)
publication: The Mirror
publication date: 09/10/1998
posted: 28/04/2004  by Tina
category: Record Reviews

This is an odd greatest hits package - the songs actually get worse as you go through the album. Cole and his Commotions produced some glittering pop hymns in the mid-'80s - Forest Fire, Are You Ready To Be... more >

Lloyd's Return
publication: Blitz
publication date: 1/1/1987
posted: 28/04/2004  by Tina
category: Interviews, Features

Paul Mathur talks to LLOYD COLE, who is about to return from his self-imposed exile with a brace of new songs.

The pursuit of delicious articulacy is vanishing fast from our pop conjurors. Whither Roddy F... more >

Lloyd Cole // Mean Fiddler
publication: The Irish Times
publication date: 29/9/1995
posted: 28/04/2004  by Tina
category: Record Reviews

SINCE he parted ways with the Commotions, Lloyd Cole has been on a bit of an extended lost weekend; his three solo albums, Lloyd Cole, Don't Get Weird Or Me Babe and Bad Vibes failed to consolidate his repu... more >