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Category: Trivia

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Note bird on wire
posted: 29/07/2010  by Lloyd
category: Trivia

Definitely my favourite email this year came today from Brisbane. Here's the note in it's entirety -

Just moved ... more >

OK Steve Jobs, I bought one
posted: 08/09/2008  by Lloyd
category: Trivia

I you hang around this weblog you probably know that I'm a 20 year mac user and I'm no fan of Steve Jobs. I'll admit that I was hoping, in a rather childish way, that the iPhone would be a huge fail... more >

Cross-linguistic pun on 'Cole'
posted: 30/05/2008  by heidi
category: Trivia

When Lloyd Cole is mentioned in Hebrew-language articles, the authors all cleverly have transliterated 'Cole' as קול... more >

Antidepressant doing well in Sweden
posted: 01/10/2006  by dank
category: Trivia

Antidepressant is currently #3 at Sweden iTunes store. For some context Scissor Sister is #4, Dylan is #8 and Justin Timberlake is #9. You still get Scandinavian love, Lloyd.

Fred Willard
posted: 06/04/2006  by Gregor
category: Trivia
link to original article online

New show on the Travel Channel... more >

JImmy Carr on Lloyd...
publication date: 15/11/2005
posted: 15/11/2005  by grambo
category: Trivia
1 comment

A mention on BBC Radio 1... more >

Lloyd lyrics quoted on Neighbours
posted: 11/06/2005  by sludger
category: Trivia

For those of you from the UK or Australia, you will be familiar with the mind-numbingly crass but addictive Ausie soap, 'Neighbours'.

On an episode earlier this week (BBC 1, UK), while wooing his... more >

'These Days' Drama exercise
posted: 31/03/2004  by Lloyd
category: Trivia
link to original article online

This is real!!! Click on link to download original pdf.... more >

Was I ever this happy??
posted: 31/03/2004  by Lloyd
category: Trivia
link to original article online

Click on link for photo. This is me, caught by Mike, my sound guy, leaving the fabulous Angel Inn, Hetton, Yorks. See links for the pub website.