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Category: Miscellaneous

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posted: 01/01/2011  by Lloyd
category: Links

My holiday gift -
Since I composed this in 2004 or so I've thought it was sort of special but never knew what to do with it...
Revisiting it right now for my next project (instrumental) but I su... more >

The Commitments are back but, sadly, they're not the only ones
publication: Independent i.e
publication date: 14/10/10
posted: 14/10/2010  by sigggy
category: Miscellaneous
link to original article online

When you see a gig that lives up to the billing -- Lloyd Cole and the Commotions' masterful concert at Vicar Street, Dublin, some years ago comes to mind -- even the most cynical of us can be led to believe that future reformed shows will be as special. But that's rarely the case.... more >

Perfect Skin For Men!
posted: 14/01/2009  by Jean
category: Links
link to original article online

I stumbled on this (check link) on the net. The only review of the product has a great line "No results for my minor condition". You could nick that for a song :)

Happy Holiday Tones
posted: 24/12/2008  by Lloyd
category: Miscellaneous
link to original article online

As you may have gathered, I've been spending a fair amount of time with my iPhone. I love the light carry on bag. So I've been making some ringtones using my mp3s and I thought you might like some. Thes... more >

Praise to Robert Quine
publication: Punk Rock
publication date: 09/07/2008
posted: 29/07/2008  by sludger
category: Music
link to original article online

Gibson's website has a top ten of "Punk Rock's Mightiest Guitar Gods in which RQ ranks at No8. A fitting tribute to a phenomenal artist.... more >

Whispering Willow Stained Glass Frames
posted: 20/05/2008  by Lloyd
category: Miscellaneous
link to original article online
1 comment

Our neighbour Deborah has just opened a webstore to sell the picture frames that she makes. Excellent xMas gift idea, I'd say. The photo booth frame is a cool idea.

posted: 28/02/2008  by Lloyd
category: Miscellaneous
link to original article online

If you happen to be interested in buses, I know this retired chap who started a website devoted to their study and discussion. PS - he doesn't look like me because he has the welsh blood, I have the other b... more >

His Father's Travels
posted: 30/12/2006  by Dad
category: Miscellaneous
link to original article online

Some of your readers might like to know that you're not the only member of the family who tours from time to time.

Amakhala Game Lodge
posted: 22/12/2006  by Lloyd
category: Miscellaneous

After we had finished with the shows in South Africa, Frank and I went to stay at Amakhala for a couple of days. It was wonderfully peaceful and the animal watching was great and frankly awe inspiring (I forgo... more >

Neil Clark selling guitars on eBay
posted: 11/12/2005  by Lloyd
category: Miscellaneous
1 comment

It looks like Neil has gone overboard over the last few years and finds himself with too many guitars.

He is selling 3 on eBay next week with more to come in the new year.

His eBay ID is orefieldnei... more >