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Latest Updates

Category: Studio Journal

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Day 55 - Are we there yet?
posted: 25/02/2013  by Lloyd
category: Studio Journal

Bloody Hell (US readers read "Damn!"), Bochum is quiet on Sundays.... more >

Days 53, 54 - It's beautiful but I never want to hear it again
posted: 23/02/2013  by Lloyd
category: Studio Journal

The supposedly simple It's Late proves tough to sign off on... more >

Days 51, 52 - Double shifts
posted: 21/02/2013  by Lloyd
category: Studio Journal

So after the weekend's panic we have agreed to try to mix one song and revise another for the next few days. This is tiring, but we have Champions League after we finish...... more >

Day 50 - Post panic attack
posted: 19/02/2013  by Lloyd
category: Studio Journal

Predictably and rather pathetically I had my massive panic attack day on my day off, and then could not sleep from worrying about the mixes. I seem to have this moment mid mixing on all my albums - Everything i... more >

Days 47 - 49 Three more mixes
posted: 17/02/2013  by Lloyd
category: Studio Journal

Beer, wurst, etc... German studies continued... more >

Day 46 - Women's Studies mix
posted: 14/02/2013  by Lloyd
category: Studio Journal

I should mention, I suppose, that these mixes are quite old school - there is computer automation of all tracks, but everything is running through the console (which used to belong to Fleetwood Mac to record th... more >

Day 45 - another day another mix
posted: 12/02/2013  by Lloyd
category: Studio Journal

Really nothing to report - All is fine - We worked on California Earthquake today, exactly as we did on Period Piece yesterday. When we were happy we compared the two mixes - PP sounded stronger in the low end ... more >

Day 44 - Mixing begins in chilly Bochum
posted: 11/02/2013  by Lloyd
category: Studio Journal

Today couldn't have been much easier. Olaf (Opal the producer/mixer) and Joerg his engineer meet me at the hotel and we walk the two minutes to Olaf's studio. Olaf's set up is an amalgam of old and ... more >

Day 42 - Percussion
posted: 06/02/2013  by Lloyd
category: Studio Journal

Back to SoneLab for, hopefully, the final day of recording... more >

Day 43 - Final file management
posted: 06/02/2013  by Lloyd
category: Studio Journal
1 comment

Final day in USA... more >