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Latest Updates

Category: site design

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trouble with article intros
posted: 02/03/2009  by OfficeEnnui
category: site design
1 comment

How do you see the entirety of this space...... more >

WebShop under construction
posted: 18/11/2008  by Lloyd
category: site design

I'm not sure if I'm happy about this but I don't seem to have any other short term options. My weblog designer has advised me that one of the online e-commerce DIY shops might be the best option for... more >

Appreciation for Paul Smith
posted: 13/08/2008  by sludger
category: site design
link to original article online

I'm sure I'm not alone in expressing my appreciation to Paul for his work here ... and this MySpace comment proves it!... more >

Who is using Internet Explorer 6?
posted: 11/08/2008  by Lloyd
category: site design

Who is using Internet Explorer 6? Internet statistics suggest 25% of all browsers are still IE6...... more >

RSS @ lloydcole.com
posted: 07/08/2008  by Lloyd
category: site design

There have been a few questions over the last year concerning RSS feeds and whether or not we should have them here @ lloydcole.com. My weblog designer is saying that it is a possibility so how should I do it? ... more >

303 mp3s and 407 flash files later
posted: 04/08/2008  by Lloyd
category: site design

The Music area is almost complete. All the songs are up, all the buttons are there. All that remains to do is test it, and then figure out what to write on the 'Listening Tips' page. And then update, or... more >

More website help needed! mp3s from vinyl singles?
posted: 31/07/2008  by Lloyd
category: site design

Does anyone out there have digitized versions of the Commotions b-sides which were never on CD single? I don't! I was just updating the Easy Pieces page when I realised I don't have the live tracks from... more >

Am I forgetting something?
posted: 30/07/2008  by Lloyd
category: site design

I just got finished with the Miscellany subsection of the Music area.
Maybe you could see if I'm forgetting anything? I usually am.

Go here - http://www.lloydcole.com/music/misc/unreleased.html... more >

Windows Vista Site Testers wanted!
posted: 29/07/2008  by Lloyd
category: site design

Thanks to Paul Smith in Glasgow it seems we finally have a working mp3 player integrated into the music page. Paul has rewritten the javascript that my program generated to seemingly fix the problems!!... more >

The Music Area
posted: 21/07/2008  by Lloyd
category: Weblog

I'm working on the basic architecture of the Music section right now and I have a few pieces of news and a few questions for you all.

I will be relaunching a webshop sometime soon, but I won't be ... more >