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Latest Updates

Category: Webshop

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Rattlesnakes and Music IAFL back in stock plus new mailing list
posted: 10/06/2011  by Lloyd
category: Webshop

New additions and changes to the webshop -

Broken Record is released in N. America now, so we've dropped the price to $15. We want to be competitive...

Rattlesnakes deluxe edition is back in sto... more >

Album accounting finished
posted: 31/12/2010  by Lloyd
category: Webshop

Thanks to all who made this possible, we will learn from our misjudgments next time... more >

Webshop back to business as usual
posted: 25/10/2010  by Lloyd
category: Webshop

We're open and fulfilling orders again, as we usually do... more >

60 Deluxe Editions Left
posted: 11/10/2010  by Lloyd
category: Webshop

After shipping all of the pre-orders and dealing with 99% of the problems I think we can safely say that we have 60 left... more >

New Doug Seymour prints added to the shop
posted: 26/09/2010  by Lloyd
category: Webshop
link to original article online

Two colour, one sepia, all from the June album sleeve sessions in NYC... more >

Vinyl Albums at the Webshop
posted: 25/09/2010  by Lloyd
category: Webshop

Not easy... we will see how it goes... more >

Tapete produce Slaughterhouse CD
posted: 25/09/2010  by Lloyd
category: Webshop
1 comment

Taptete will be producing the CD in Germany for Small Ensemble tour sales and Broken Record promotion... more >

I'm home
posted: 24/09/2010  by Lloyd
category: Webshop

Back home - more Cds signed, inventory updated.... more >

We ship new album Sept 6th, shop goes seasonal
posted: 31/08/2010  by Lloyd
category: Webshop

I won't be here, but shop will start shipping Broken Record next Monday... more >

Deluxe Boxes are here, we start shipping today
posted: 25/08/2010  by Lloyd
category: Webshop

Four very large boxes appeared on the porch while I was doing phone interviews this morning. We will begin the shipping this afternoon with US orders which don't need signing. I will be then tied to the aut... more >