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Latest Updates

Category: Recording News

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* Standards to be released in N. America, at last!
posted: 20/08/2014  by Lloyd
category: Recording News

It's finally happening, with clear vinyl to boot... more >

Zorn changes mind - 2 extra songs for Ashtrays
posted: 13/10/2008  by Lloyd
category: Recording News

In a (pleasant) surprise turnaround, John Zorn, NYC avant garde musician and boss of Tzadik records, yesterday decided that he would like the two songs I contributed to their 'Great Jewish Composers' se... more >

We are go!
posted: 06/01/2010  by Lloyd
category: Recording News

Thanks to all of you who have pre-ordered the next album, Tapete Records and XIII Bis records, we are now sure that we will have enough of a budget to make an album. We haven't reached our fund drive goal -... more >

The Folksinger Series is coming
posted: 05/12/2008  by Lloyd
category: Recording News

I know, I know, it's taken forever. Well, it's still not done but I'm desperately trying to get the CDs ready to coincide with the release of Cleaning Out The Ashtrays.... more >

The BBC Sessions! 3 New CDs!
posted: 30/07/2007  by Lloyd
category: Recording News

That's right - 3 new CDs of pretty much everything we, and I ever did at the Beeb. It's not bad, either.

Here's the press release from BBC/Universal Records. I'm not quite sure why it has... more >

Subba-Cultcha Review-"Cleaning Out The Ashtrays"
publication: Subba-Cultcha
publication date: 14/04/2009
posted: 14/04/2009  by blgrieb Fly-Ins
category: Recording News

A positive 4 Star review from Subba-Cultcha.com... more >

Standards, Lloyd Cole - out on June 21st
posted: 05/04/2013  by Lloyd
category: Recording News

My new album - Standards - is scheduled for a June 21st release in mainland Europe...... more >

Standards is out!
posted: 22/06/2013  by Lloyd
category: Latest News

Critics seem to love it. Fans, too, so far. Who knows? Maybe this year will be a good one...... more >

Recording finally under way
posted: 21/04/2005  by Lloyd
category: Recording News
1 comment

Well, after literally months of software and hardware troubles, I believe I am finally actually recording my next record. I've had to spend the last month or so learning a new program - Digital Performer fr... more >

Rattlesnakes Deluxe Edition
posted: 01/09/2004  by Lloyd
category: Recording News

To mark the 20th anniversary of the original release, the Deluxe edition of 'rattlesnakes' will be released on October 4th around the world ex-North America. Capitol are supposedly releasing it in N. Am... more >