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Category: Record Reviews

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Lloyd Cole // Music in a Foreign Language
publication: BBCi
publication date: 9/6/2003
posted: 19/01/2004  by bronwen
category: Record Reviews

Cole's fifth solo album is an unashamedly laid back affair and it's a pleasant surprise after several patchy albums.

He's struggled with a dual personality in recent years. On one hand he want... more >

Music in a Foreign Language
publication: Neumu
publication date: 9/6/2003
posted: 31/03/2004  by Lloyd
category: Record Reviews
link to original article online

"You're quite good, you know." My foggy memory insists that Lloyd Cole once mentioned speaking those exact words to Neil Clark, lead guitarist in his old band The Commotions. But it may possibly h... more >

Music: Cole, calm and collected
publication: The Guardian
publication date: 15/01/1990
posted: 28/04/2004  by Tina
category: Record Reviews

LLOYD COLE: Lloyd Cole... more >

publication: Music Week
publication date: 17/11/1990
posted: 28/04/2004  by grambo
category: Record Reviews

Fellow former Commotion Blair Cowan joins Cole on his debut set that has all the trade-marks of his past work along with a couple of Stonesy riffs, greater vocal depth and a little more diversity In style. It t... more >

LLOYD COLE:lloyd Cole
publication: NUMBER ONE
publication date: 17/02/1990
posted: 28/04/2004  by grambo
category: Record Reviews

Lloyd Cole is lust one of those artists you either love or hate. You either think he's brilliant with his winsome, almost introspective pop, or you think he's a fat boring old has-been. I tend towards t... more >

Lloyd Cole
publication: RECORD MIRROR
publication date: 17/02/1990
posted: 28/04/2004  by grambo
category: Record Reviews

Some voices in pop music ooze character. They become familiar, reassuring, and are missed when not around. Lloyd Cole has one such voice, and it's back.
After the demise of The Commotions, our man pa... more >

Lloyd Cole / The Collection (Mercury)
publication: The Mirror
publication date: 09/10/1998
posted: 28/04/2004  by Tina
category: Record Reviews

This is an odd greatest hits package - the songs actually get worse as you go through the album. Cole and his Commotions produced some glittering pop hymns in the mid-'80s - Forest Fire, Are You Ready To Be... more >

Lloyd Cole // Mean Fiddler
publication: The Irish Times
publication date: 29/9/1995
posted: 28/04/2004  by Tina
category: Record Reviews

SINCE he parted ways with the Commotions, Lloyd Cole has been on a bit of an extended lost weekend; his three solo albums, Lloyd Cole, Don't Get Weird Or Me Babe and Bad Vibes failed to consolidate his repu... more >

Lloyd Cole's Pleasant 'Story'
publication: The Washington Post
publication date: 24/11/1995
posted: 28/04/2004  by Tina
category: Record Reviews

"THERE'S A RIOT going on," croons Lloyd Cole to the accompaniment of swooning strings on "I Didn't Know That You Cared." It's just one of the songs on the New York-based Scotish ... more >

publication: Washington Post
publication date: 04/04/2004
posted: 29/04/2004  by grambo
category: Record Reviews

If the words "she's got perfect skin" bang a jangly melody from years past into your brain, welcome to the club. If it doesn't, it really should. The debut single from England's Lloyd Cole... more >