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Category: Weblog

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RSS feed?
posted: 26/05/2004  by davesharpedotcom
category: feedback

Q - Lloyd, have you considered adding an RSS feed to your blog? It would make it very easy to keep up with your blog.

A - I don't think I want to make my raw data available. Although this... more >

How to post, category hierachy
posted: 18/05/2004  by Lloyd
category: help & how to

Excuse me being rather late posting this, but I'm learning, too.

Once you have signed up and logged in you can post articles, ask lloyd questions, pertinent links and so on.

Fill in all of the ... more >

I am not all knowing
posted: 05/06/2004  by Lloyd
category: help & how to

If there are queries posted to which I cannot offer a decent answer I will not reply 'I dunno' and make them live on the site - I will, rather delete them to keep things tidy. So I'm sorry if your q... more >

Please read before you post
posted: 05/06/2004  by Lloyd
category: help & how to

Dear weblog poster, please read the appropriate section relating to your query or link to be sure I haven't already answered the question, or addressed the issue in a news missive. I feel a little curt writ... more >

Back to Plan A
posted: 26/05/2008  by Lloyd
category: site design

After hiring a flash expert I found online to build me a javascript music player based upon my design I am back with my original idea. His javascript was not 100% perfect (the 'players' were supposed to... more >

Just because it didn't get a response..
posted: 21/08/2005  by Lloyd
category: Weblog

Tonight I've been reading a few questions and comments and deleting a lot of them. That doesn't mean I think the comments were stupid or wrong, but I just don't have a response or dialogue that I am... more >

That's all for now
posted: 28/03/2008  by Lloyd
category: site design

I have templates for the image and music areas that I'm happy with and test pages up and working in both. Nothing is 100% but that's all the time I have to dedicate to it for a little while. Next week I... more >

Music Pages so far - Update 26/3/08
posted: 24/03/2008  by Lloyd
category: site design

I've cut and pasted together the development of the music area. Tomorrow I should have a new flash player to try out... more >

Image Pages, Updated 26/3/08
posted: 24/03/2008  by Lloyd
category: site design

Today I started taking the sketches I posted a couple of weeks ago and began turning them into html, with css.... more >

Paypal comes to the Weblog (updated 28/01/08)
posted: 27/01/2008  by Lloyd
category: support

There may come a time when I make the site more commercially oriented, but it's not arrived yet. I posted an idea a couple of days ago which I'm no longer comfortable with - a sort of optional site sub... more >