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Latest Updates

Category: Latest News

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Solo Standards Tour continues - UK Spring 2014
posted: 28/11/2013  by Lloyd
category: Performance News

After the (hopefully brilliant) Leopards experiment in January I'll be back in the UK in March and April for more solo shows... more >

Madrid and Zaragoza rescheduled
posted: 03/10/2013  by Lloyd
category: Performance News

Because of the TV show Later recording the Madrid show on Oct 15th has been rescheduled for March 20th, 2014, and Zaragoza on the 14th moved to March 21st. Final details of venues will be posted as soon as I ha... more >

Lloyd Cole & The Leopards on TV show Later October 15th
posted: 03/10/2013  by Lloyd
category: Latest News
1 comment

The Lloyd Cole & The Leopards debut has been moved forward 3 months thanks to Later inviting us to play 3 songs on October the 15th. We still don't have a 2nd guitarist/keyboard player, which is the long te... more >

Lloyd Cole & The Leopards
posted: 18/09/2013  by Lloyd
category: Press Releases
link to photo
1 comment

Electric shows in January 2014... more >

54 European Shows Sept-Dec 2013
posted: 26/07/2013  by Lloyd
category: Performance News

Here they are - all of them together - Galtres Festival in August and then September to December it's a Non Stop Europe Express!... more >

German, Austrian and Swiss shows added in November and December
posted: 25/07/2013  by Lloyd
category: Performance News

I'll be returning to several familiar venues and discovering many new to me - very excited to play Fabrik in Hamburg for the first time...... more >

Septembers shows in Copenhagen and Sylt added
posted: 25/07/2013  by Lloyd
category: Performance News

Always great to play in Copenhagen, and beautiful Sylt again, alas no time to golf this time...... more >

October shows in Italy and Serbia added
posted: 25/07/2013  by Lloyd
category: Performance News

I'm very excited to be back in Italy and to visit Belgrade for the first time... more >

Standards is out!
posted: 22/06/2013  by Lloyd
category: Latest News

Critics seem to love it. Fans, too, so far. Who knows? Maybe this year will be a good one...... more >

Lisbon Show in November
posted: 24/05/2013  by Lloyd
category: Performance News

The show will be solo acoustic, 2 sets.... more >