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Latest Updates

Day 26 - Frank's Birthday
posted: 04/01/2013  by Lloyd
category: Studio Journal

My younger son Frank is 14 today. I get up early to make English pancakes (thinner, more like crepes) and sit a while as he opens presents. But I'm exhausted. When he goes to school I go back to bed for an ... more >

Day 27 - Both Ends Burning
posted: 04/01/2013  by Lloyd
category: Studio Journal

Not working that extra hour, or hour and a half, last night meant that Mark Miller and I both arrived early and significantly less exhausted than had become the norm. We listen to Will's 'Quine' tak... more >

Day 23 - The Song Remains The Same
posted: 31/12/2012  by Lloyd
category: Studio Journal

I can't remember the last time I spent 3 consecutive days on guitars for one song, but here we are again attempting to put Opposite's Day to bed...

First thing - I have to listen to what we have s... more >

Days 21-22 Tech work and Modular
posted: 30/12/2012  by Lloyd
category: Studio Journal
1 comment

I should be having a weekend off but the Opposite's Day sessions have taken longer than budgeted, so I'm up here in my attic syncing the laptop with my Modular synth. It works, sort of, but for some rea... more >

2012-3 Felicitations
posted: 28/12/2012  by Lloyd
category: Web Audio, Video, Radio
link to original article online
1 comment

My Holiday gift this year - ringtones... more >

Day 19 - Keys, strings, new file
posted: 27/12/2012  by Lloyd
category: Studio Journal

The first half of the day was spent in the Establishment playing around with the string/keyboard ideas for Myrtle and Wine.
The second half trying to figure how how to approach No Truck, which needs to be... more >

Day 20 - Women's Studies
posted: 27/12/2012  by Lloyd
category: Studio Journal

10 hours working on the same song and I still don't hate it. I guess I'll take that as a positive...
This song is tricky. The stupid ones always are. It's a rock tune and i don't want to s... more >

Day 21 - William
posted: 27/12/2012  by Lloyd
category: Studio Journal

Will is home for the holidays and I have him for half a down studio sessions. We are late getting started today thank to New England weather. We had 8 or 10 inches of snow last night and we're stuck in the ... more >

Chords for "Four Flights Up"
posted: 06/12/2012  by BenderKDesperado
category: Guitar Tabs
1 comment

Lloyd, could you help someone who is useless at working out song chords?... more >

Vintage Leather Jacket
posted: 21/12/2012  by AgedIndiekid
category: Ask Lloyd
1 comment

Q - Being a male fan of a certain age, I am possibly misguidedly considering the purchase of a black leather jacket. I still hanker after a design you wore in some early Commotions photos --- zip front vintage ... more >