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Category: Ask Lloyd

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South Africa?
posted: 19/08/2004  by dori
category: Ask Lloyd

Q - Hi Lloyd, Last year your website very briefly mentioned that you were maybe coming to South Africa (where I live) on your tour - what happened to that?

A - I havn't forgotten. I intend to get ther... more >

The go-betweens
posted: 19/08/2004  by gareth
category: Ask Lloyd

The go-betweens... more >

Idiot Parents
posted: 20/08/2004  by Dad
category: Ask Lloyd

Q - Lloyd,

I'm intrigued to know the significance of the following article which appeared in your Current Affairs section:-

Mayor Ken Slams 'Idiot' Parents

By Gavin Cordon, White... more >

Easy Pieces
posted: 23/08/2004  by ktmcn
category: Ask Lloyd

Q - I've recently converted to ITunes and the wonderful world of IPod. I've got every Lloyd Cole and Lloyd Cole and the Commotions album on CD and dowloaded, except Easy Pieces, which I still only have... more >

Is Dublin still confirmed?
publication date: 20/08/2004
posted: 25/08/2004  by dguilbeau
category: Ask Lloyd

Q - Can you confirm the Dublin date of 10/10/04? I am considering making a weekend trip from Phx, AZ to Dublin to attend the show. Before I make the flight reservations, etc. I was hoping you could confirm th... more >

Best regards from Portugal
publication date: 30/08/2004
posted: 30/08/2004  by Bernas
category: Ask Lloyd

Q - I had the pleasure to see your show last weekend in Portugal, Óbidos and let me tell it was FABULOUS!!
The castle provides a magical enviroment dont you agree!?
P.s: I wouls like to ask wich wer... more >

Say...how did you do it?
posted: 30/08/2004  by Mike Duncan
category: Ask Lloyd

Q - A rather off-topic question, but here goes....
How did you quit smoking?
Cold turkey?

A - Cold Turkey. But aided by circumstances which diminished my desire to smoke. Yo... more >

Self Publishing?
posted: 31/08/2004  by Chris Blunkell
category: Ask Lloyd

Q - Would I be right in thinking you self-publish these days? If so, any wisdom you can impart or sources for information? Advantages/disadvantages? I'm considering doing the same.

A - No, I've ... more >

posted: 01/09/2004  by mister_wrong
category: Ask Lloyd

Q - Dear Lloyd, much like yourself I was born in Corbar Hall, Buxton and now reside in the USA. I was wondering if you have ever returned to the dark Derbyshire moors with your wife and children and if so, what... more >

Jennifer they say
posted: 01/09/2004  by ricardo
category: Ask Lloyd

Q - Having written some of the best songs in history, do you ever get annoyed by the fact that everytime you come to Portugal (loved your gig in Figueira da Foz by the way) people keep asking you to play Jennif... more >