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Category: Record Reviews

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Lloyd Cole // Don't Get Weird On Me, Babe
publication: St. Petersburg Times (Florida)
publication date: 22/11/1991
posted: 25/06/2004  by Tina
category: Record Reviews

Stripped of his one-time backup band, The Commotions, Lloyd Cole enjoyed a new sense of freedom on his self-titled solo LP 2 years ago. From an artistic point of view, Lloyd Cole was an album with staying power... more >

'Weird' - Some Old Cole and Some New
publication: The Seattle Times
publication date: 29/11/1991
posted: 25/06/2004  by Tina
category: Record Reviews

To read his most recent reviews, you'd think Lloyd Cole had turned into Mozart. Or at least Nelson Riddle. Strings, orchestras . . .

"Don't Get Weird On Me Babe" is an appropriately titl... more >

publication: San Francisco Chronical
publication date: 15/5/2004
posted: 19/05/2004  by Lloyd
category: Record Reviews
link to original article online

Lloyd Cole's smoldering, melancholic voice is as beautiful as it was two decades ago, when the Englishman led the Commotions to acclaim in his 20s. His most recent solo CD, "Music in a Foreign Language... more >

Lloyd Cole // Bad Vibes
publication: Washington City Paper
publication date: 15/07/1994
posted: 18/05/2004  by Tina
category: Record Reviews

Rock's been literary since it got introduced to folk music in the mid-'60s, but words keep going in and out of pop-music fashion. Currently, grunge buries them, gangsta rap devalues them, and ambient w... more >

Lloyd Cole - Music In A Foreign Language
publication: Billboard.com
publication date: 20/04/2004
posted: 14/05/2004  by maya60cycle
category: Record Reviews

Twenty years after "Rattlesnakes" slithered onto college radio and caused a commotion with the overcoat set, Lloyd Cole unveils a hushed, soothing album on par with his last great release, 1995's ... more >

Picks & Pans // Love Story // Lloyd Cole
publication: Time
publication date: 13/11/1995
posted: 04/05/2004  by Tina
category: Record Reviews

There is no Ryan O'Neal or Ali MacGraw here. No dewy-eyed sentiment, either. This latest CD from British singer-songwriter Cole offers 12 smartly written, mid-tempo ruminations on relationships, played out ... more >

Lloyd Cole and the Commotions, Music in a Foreign Language (One Little Indian/Navarre)
publication: hitsdailydouble.com
publication date: 05/03/04
posted: 04/05/2004  by Tina
category: Record Reviews
link to original article online

Newest thing to make me feel old: itís been 20 years since the release of Lloyd Cole and the Commotionsí pop-rock masterpiece, Rattlesnakes. Coleís blend of melancholy and acerbic wit and his desert breeze of a... more >

Recordings // Lloyd Cole: 'Don't Get Weird on Me, Babe'
publication: The Washington Post
publication date: 20/11/1991
posted: 04/05/2004  by Tina
category: Record Reviews

On last year's "Lloyd Cole," the first album the singer-songwriter recorded after leaving the Commotions and Scotland behind, he enlisted such musicians as guitarist Robert Quine and drummer Fred ... more >

Lloyd Cole and the Commotions // Easy Pieces (Polydor)
publication: New Musical Express
publication date: 01/01/1985
posted: 04/05/2004  by Tina
category: Record Reviews

LLOYD COLE must know how it feels to be a tug-of-war rope. Hailed in some quarters as a truly gifted kid, a bright spark in the school of literate pop, he's sneered at in others as an opportunist charlatan,... more >

publication: New York Times
publication date: 02/05/2004
posted: 04/05/2004  by OfficeEnnui
category: Record Reviews
link to original article online

Capsule review of Music in a Foreign Language... more >