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Category: Press, Media Coverage

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Harelquin Photography Sydney show report and photos
posted: 28/02/2011  by Lloyd
category: Blogs
link to original article online

I think Lloyd Cole has become an honorary Australian...... more >

Harp Magazine Article Summer 2004
publication: Harp magazine
publication date: 2004
posted: 19/04/2008  by sigggy
category: Interviews, Features

Lloyd Cole writes smart, bitter, funny songs, but in the late 1990s we didn’t really get to hear many of them because of a myriad of record-company problems that plagued the musician. After three solo albums-th... more >

Heartbroken used for Radio 2 trailer
posted: 13/06/2009  by sebillba
category: Press, Media Coverage
link to original article online

I was pleasantly surprised to hear "Are You Ready to be Heartbroken?" used to advertise an upcoming show on Radio 2, about pop music's response to Thatcherism.... more >

Heiteres Lied - Lloyd Cole und die Leichtigkeit der Melancholie
publication: Fuldaer Zeitung
publication date: 18/09/2010
posted: 28/09/2010  by phanthomsen
category: Record Reviews
1 comment

Es gibt verlässliche Größen in der Musik, und eine davon heißt Lloyd Cole. Seit Mitte der 1980er Jahre hat er die Freunde edler Pop-Melancholie regelmäßig mit
Platten versorgt. Ob mit den Commotions, den Negatives oder solo – sein Name stand stets für homogene Platten
mit einem Hang zum Weltschmerz.... more >

Hey Lloyd, Are You Ready To Be Mistaken?
publication: Weekend Review - Irish Independent
publication date: 12/05/2012
posted: 14/05/2012  by grambo
category: Press, Media Coverage

Singer Lloyd Cole has revealed how he mistakenly named his best selling live album “The Whelan”.... more >

Hey, Mr Songwriter...
publication: New Musical Express
publication date: 31/08/1991
posted: 04/05/2004  by Tina
category: Interviews, Features

...Don't get weird on us, babe. Lloyd Cole has dumped those phoney pool-room postures and reverted to angsty, artistic type. Barbara Ellen finds him happy to be pretentious, slapping down The Charlatans a... more >

HiFi - Stars Interview (German)
posted: 12/04/2009  by alteck
category: Interviews, Features

Interview with LC in HiFi - Stars Magazine by Dr. Frank Lechtenberg... more >

How to make a good comeback
publication: Guardian
publication date: 09/06/2006
posted: 09/06/2006  by OfficeEnnui
category: Lists, snippets, tangents
link to original article online

The tradition of answer songs a la "Hey Lloyd I'm Ready to Be Heartbroken"

Ian Rankin's best of 2010 on BBC6
posted: 06/12/2010  by Lloyd
category: Lists, snippets, tangents
link to original article online

Includes Like A Broken Record.. Sorry, Ian alerted me, but I had assumed that this would be online for a while so I was slow posting this. It went out last Saturday...... more >

publication: Shokken Network weekly local newspapers, special holidays issue
publication date: 06/10/2004
posted: 27/10/2004  by StevieDav
category: Press, Media Coverage

When you're in your teens the music you hear is also who you are, you find a group of people who like the same thing as you, and together you define your identity. Only I never kne... more >