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Latest Updates

Category: Recording News

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I found another cassette - 3 more Ashtrays tracks
posted: 22/10/2008  by Lloyd
category: Recording News
1 comment

My office/studio has been a pigsty since this Ashtrays project started - CDs, DATs, cassettes all over the place. So I decided to clean up before I left on tour. And while I was at it, finally organise these ta... more >

Folksinger Vol 3.1 Scheduled
posted: 11/01/2010  by Lloyd
category: Recording News

I have booked Slaughterhouse studios for Friday Jan 22nd.... more >

Ein Lied seit 25 Jahren / One song for 25 years
publication: Zeit Online
publication date: 26/01/2009
posted: 26/01/2009  by OfficeEnnui
category: Recording News
link to original article online
1 comment

A Google translation suggests this is a worthwhile look at Ashtrays. Any German translators out there?... more >

Coattails - Believer Magazine CD
posted: 14/07/2009  by RichardS
category: Recording News
link to original article online

I'm keeping great company on this year's The Believer Music Issue CD thanks to curator Daniel Handler... more >

Cleaning out the ashtrays Q, Mojo, Uncut review scans
posted: 28/01/2009  by Lloyd
category: Recording News
link to original article online

3 stars each from Q and Mojo, 4 from Uncut.... more >

Cleaning Out The Ashtrays provisional running order.
posted: 18/08/2008  by Lloyd
category: Recording News

So I've hummed and I've hawed and I've decided, I think, that the box should include only tracks previously released, or mixed for release. So no rough mixes, but there may be a few alternate mixes ... more >

Cleaning Out The Ashtrays 30.01.09
posted: 05/11/2008  by Lloyd
category: Recording News

I'll make a sticky of this post and keep updating it as more news becomes concrete. For now we have a release date on Tapete Records of 30.01.09 when I will be 47 years and 364 days old. Here's the lin... more >

Broken Record discussion page
posted: 19/08/2010  by Lloyd
category: Recording News

The album is now released in North America, so I'll keep this thread 'sticky' for a little while longer.... more >

Antidepressant Release
posted: 13/09/2006  by Lloyd
category: Recording News
1 comment

Antidepressant will be in stores soon

UK release date is September 25th.
In Ireland it's out a week earlier!
In N. America it is out on October 10th.

Here is the running order

<... more >

Antidepressant Lyrics
posted: 27/09/2006  by Lloyd
category: Recording News
1 comment

I was just trying to update my 'site proper' but there appear to be all kinds of problems that I won't be able to fix before I leave for Europe this weekend.

I was going to update the lyrics p... more >