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Latest Updates

"Well, I'm Just a Wallaby" by Lloyd Cole
publication: Wikipedia
posted: 28/11/2009  by maryalexandria
category: Ask Lloyd
link to original article online

Q - Imagine my surprise when I saw the following: A music video, called "Well, I'm Just a Wallaby" by Lloyd Cole was made for Nickelodeon.... more >

posted: 13/06/2011  by SarahG
category: Ask Lloyd
1 comment

Q - I brought the whole family to see your show at City Winery Saturday night. Earlier in the week, I had taken my sons to see a performance of Moliere's <The Misanthrope.>

Late in your show,... more >

Broken Record - US Pressing?
posted: 21/05/2011  by goldenbelt
category: Ask Lloyd
1 comment

Q - As one of your bigger record collectors be so kind and let me/us know, if there are a US Pressing from the great BROKEN RECORD made or if the US Versions all are imported from Germany. Same for the Vinyl Ve... more >

Attic studio, phase two completed
posted: 06/07/2011  by Lloyd
category: Studio Journal

Seemingly minor tweaks will hopefully make everything simpler and easier... more >

Begining guitar player
publication date: 30-05-2011
posted: 30/05/2011  by Lukaa
category: Ask Lloyd

Q - Hey Lloyd, I'm just 14 and I'm a big fan of you. I have a beautiful accoustic guitar for two weeks now, so the first things I want to play is Lloyd Cole. I can play Forest Fire a bit now, but I can&... more >

Lloyd Cole nous livre un concert tout en mélodies (Montreal show review)
publication: www.aufeminin.com
publication date: 29/06/2011
posted: 30/06/2011  by Lloyd
category: Concert Reviews
link to original article online
1 comment

Toujours d'une extrême gentillesse et simplicité hors normes, le chanteur Lloyd Cole, de passage à Montréal en spectacle n'a pas perdu sa voix exquise et mélancolique à travers ses hits légendaires. Ren... more >

Sardonic singer/songwriter still shines in acoustic trio settings
publication: www.concertlivewire.com
publication date: 27/06/2011
posted: 30/06/2011  by Lloyd
category: Concert Reviews
link to original article online

Concert Review. Lloyd Cole, Lincoln Hall, Chicago, IL. June 24, 2011... more >

Live Review: Lloyd Cole and the Small Ensemble at The 5 Spot, June 18
publication: Atlanta Music Guide
publication date: 20/06/2011
posted: 21/06/2011  by sigggy
category: Concert Reviews
link to original article online
1 comment

Growing up gracefully in rock and roll is not always easy, but singer-songwriter Lloyd Cole has figured it out quite nicely. The once asymmetrically-coiffed, raven-haired leader of Glasgow’s The Commotions is n... more >

Lloyd Cole: In music for the long haul
publication: courier-journal
publication date: 20/06/2011
posted: 20/06/2011  by sigggy
category: Interviews, Features
link to original article online

The elegant music of Lloyd Cole and the Commotions was a highlight of the alternative rock scene in the 1980s, filled with shimmering melodies and the kind of dense wordplay that made fans swoon.

“She loo... more >

Linga Musica with Lloyd Cole
publication: Linga Musica
publication date: 17/06/2011
posted: 17/06/2011  by sigggy
category: Web Audio, Video, Radio

An interview with Lloyd on Youtube... more >