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Category: Links

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Melbourne, MacKenzie & Me
publication: Travel and Leisure Golf
publication date: 01/01/2009
posted: 04/01/2009  by blgrieb Fly-Ins
category: Golf
link to original article online

The bartender at the Prince of Wales looks like Ray Davies wrote “Lola” for her: She has clearly not always used the Ladies. At six-feet tall and with bleached-blond hair, she cuts a striking figure, and in a voice that is indeed a deep dark brown she tells me they are all out of Coopers Red.... more >

Happy Holiday Tones
posted: 24/12/2008  by Lloyd
category: Miscellaneous
link to original article online

As you may have gathered, I've been spending a fair amount of time with my iPhone. I love the light carry on bag. So I've been making some ringtones using my mp3s and I thought you might like some. Thes... more >

OK, I can be negative
posted: 18/11/2008  by Lloyd
category: Links
link to original article online

I saw some frustration in my refusal to name the peers I don't rate. Sorry about that. My experience from day one, almost, was that the awful bands we met at TV shows were always lovely people. And it's... more >

LA Times on AIG
posted: 08/10/2008  by Lloyd
category: Current Events
link to original article online

Googling to see just how many AIG folk it took to spend $440,000+ and I found this LA Times article. It seems the number was around 110.

Brick Store Pub, Decatur, GA
posted: 07/10/2008  by Lloyd
category: Food and Drink

Located just around the corner from Eddie's Attic and across the street from Julie's Cafe, the Brick Store Pub is darned near perfect. The food was decent, but the food is not the point, the drinks menu... more >

The making of The Horse Course
posted: 08/09/2008  by Lloyd
category: Golf
link to original article online

My pal Geoff Shackleford has used my song Travelling Light in his made for web documentary and he's already sold me an mp3 download by doing so!... more >

The Beasts of Bourbon
posted: 08/09/2008  by Lloyd
category: Music
link to original article online

I heard these guys last time I was in Australia, and I should have added this link a while ago. Their video for 'I don't care about nothing anymore' is the only one I've ever bought, in fact I bought it twice. The band are not perfect by any measure, but that song is.... more >

Silver Jews
posted: 05/09/2008  by Lloyd
category: Links
link to original article online
1 comment

William and I saw the Silver Jews at the Iron Horse last night. You know it's a good band if I go to the Iron Horse... and they were very entertaining. What DB was doing with the microphone cable I'm no... more >

Ex-Commotion, Blair Cowan - Hotrod Cadet!
posted: 01/09/2008  by sludger
category: Music
link to original article online

Former Commotions keyboard playing maestro, Blair Cowan, has a new band ...... more >

Neil Clark.com
posted: 21/07/2008  by Lloyd
category: Links
link to original article online
1 comment

Recently update and now featuring Guitar Tuition and a few Guitars For Sale.