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Category: Latest News

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Commotions Ride again
posted: 08/10/2004  by Lloyd
category: Performance News

Well, after 16 years we've played again. Last night we played a Glasgow club, The Bunker, for friends and family only. I'm not sure quite how I feel, old certainly, exhausted mostly.

Many thanks from myself and the guys
posted: 22/10/2004  by Lloyd
category: Performance News

Many thanks for all of the notes after the Commotions shows. We don't have a chat room, so I can't post that sort of thing, but I am often the one who reads them. I appreciate it, and I'm sure the r... more >

Playing the new DVD outside of Europe.
posted: 02/11/2004  by Gregor
category: Recording News

Thanks to george Torrence for this posting.

People living outside of Europe may or may not be able to play the DVD.Yesterday I got my copy of "Lloyd Cole. The Commotions. The Singles." I knew wh... more >

Holiday Shows in NYC
posted: 04/12/2004  by Lloyd
category: Performance News
link to original article online

I wasn't planning on playing any shows, but Joe's Pub called.. they had booked my pal Jill Sobule and wondered if I would like to play the late shows after her early one..
So we're both doing ... more >

posted: 09/12/2004  by Lloyd
category: Site News

I have just updated my auctions mailing list, as I have a bunch of things on eBay (mainly golf clubs..). There were a couple of hundred expired email addresses on the list, that was fun to go through all of the... more >

Joes Pub and the Tsunami
posted: 29/12/2004  by Lloyd
category: Performance News
link to original article online

Dear all,
I found myself on stage last night in NYC for a series of what were intended to be festive year end shows. I was very uncomfortable and I think many of the audience were also.
I woke up th... more >

latest on Edwyn Collins
posted: 09/03/2005  by dori
category: Latest News

Passing this on, LC

I got this from a daily entertainment news mailer:


LATEST: Scottish singer EDWYN COLLINS is making progress after surviving two potentially fatal br... more >

posted: 07/04/2005  by anthony j
category: Latest News

Q - I read that you watched the second Holyfield-Tyson fight with Matt Johnson.
Is that true? Who did you want to win? Are you much of a fight enthusiast?

A - It was the first fight. Apparently my v... more >

Recording finally under way
posted: 21/04/2005  by Lloyd
category: Recording News
1 comment

Well, after literally months of software and hardware troubles, I believe I am finally actually recording my next record. I've had to spend the last month or so learning a new program - Digital Performer fr... more >

posted: 30/04/2005  by Lloyd
category: Lists, snippets, tangents
link to original article online

My team are English Champions. First time in my lifetime (44 years, 37 as Chelsea fan).