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Category: Ask Lloyd

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Future recordings/dates
posted: 26/05/2004  by matt hemsley
category: Ask Lloyd

Q - Do you intend to record 'electric' again, either solo or with a band (other than the Commotions)? p.s. any chance you could play somewhere near to The Angel, Hetton e.g. Ilkley, Skipton?

A - N... more >

Orlando?? (or anytown I don't visit)
posted: 26/05/2004  by russell
category: Ask Lloyd

FAQ - You must come to Orlando... My wife and I have been fans since the 80s, and this is the closest we've been to a major city that, for some reason, isn't on your tour list ;-).

Any future pla... more >

T-Shirts at shows?
posted: 26/05/2004  by mister wrong
category: Ask Lloyd

Q - Hi Lloyd, I just wanted to know if there will be any t-shirts or other stuff available to but at your west coast shows?

A - When travel permits I will be endeavoring to have Cds for sale at fututre sh... more >

Collaboration with Cave?
posted: 26/05/2004  by mrwesson
category: Ask Lloyd

Q - Love your cover of People Ain't No Good. Is it possible you and Nick might work together at some point?

A - It seems unlikely as we both do the same thing, and a duet, while not out of the questi... more >

A Question about exposure
posted: 26/05/2004  by than
category: Ask Lloyd

Q - I'm wondering how you feel about the critical response to your music, especially with your last album and, also, about the lack of attention you get in the music press here in the states.. Honestly, I t... more >

Favourite restaurant?
posted: 28/05/2004  by Lars
category: Ask Lloyd

Q - I saw you playing at Berns, Stockholm, a few years ago (great, as always). You mentioned that what probably is your favourite restaurant in the whole world is here. How nice to hear - but which one is it th... more >

Having to play old songs...
posted: 30/05/2004  by trundle1
category: Ask Lloyd

Q - LC, Do you get frustrated at having to play the 'old standards' every time you gig...to appease the fans who maybe don't have any of your post-Commotions work? I remember being chuffed to bits t... more >

posted: 31/05/2004  by Steve
category: Ask Lloyd

Q - Lloyd,
I've seen your solo show a few times this last year, so I know that the playlist moves around a bit, but did you deliberately choose not to play Brand New Friend at the Lowry, or was it an ... more >

You and Bob Hund..
posted: 01/06/2004  by vahirua
category: Ask Lloyd

Q - You and Bob Hund..will you ever work together? That would be like the best of two worlds meeting on a very nice record...

A - I think it would be lovely if we found something we both wan... more >

More Commotions shows?
posted: 02/06/2004  by guy lambert
category: Ask Lloyd

Q - You hinted at the Cabaret Club in Nottingham that the autumn tour might be extended to include a gig in the Midlands. Any chance?

A - We are working on it. Stay tuned.