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Latest Updates

Two Paris shows in October
posted: 24/05/2013  by Lloyd
category: Performance News

Two shows - one seated, one standing. Both shows solo acoustic. More French shows in 2014, hopefully.... more >

Lisbon Show in November
posted: 24/05/2013  by Lloyd
category: Performance News

The show will be solo acoustic, 2 sets.... more >

Freq reveiews Selected Studies Vol 1
publication: FREQ
publication date: 10/05/2013
posted: 13/05/2013  by Lloyd
category: Record Reviews
link to original article online

Bureau B’s mission to ensure that one in every two CDs in the world feature Hans-Joachim Roedelius continues with the most unlikely collaboration of his career to date. Lloyd Cole is best known, in the UK at le... more >

Guardian New Music - Period Piece
publication: Guardian.co.uk
publication date: 04/05/2013
posted: 02/05/2013  by Lloyd
category: Press, Media Coverage
link to original article online

Lloyd Cole – Period Piece: New music. In the video for the nostalgia-fuelled Period Piece, Lloyd Cole employs his own son to wander around New York looking for love... more >

Record Store Day & NNNNeonLLLLights
posted: 27/04/2013  by Ruurd Edens
category: Ask Lloyd

12" with Roedelius... more >

Spanish Concerts in October
posted: 16/04/2013  by Lloyd
category: Performance News

Shows in San Sebastian, Madrid and Zaragozo... more >

UK and Irish Concerts October, November
posted: 16/04/2013  by Lloyd
category: Performance News

London, Dublin, Glasgow and many more... more >

November Concerts in Belgium and the Netherlands
posted: 16/04/2013  by Lloyd
category: Performance News

My first extensive tour of the region.... more >

The songwriter's blues: The secrets to writing hits - and how to stay happy doing so
publication: The Independent
publication date: 14/04/13
posted: 14/04/2013  by sigggy
category: Interviews, Features
link to original article online

Should a song be dashed off or agonised over? Does it matter if your hit single has no ‘message’? And what is the difference between art and kitsch? One veteran reports on his 30-year battle with the muse.... more >

Speedboat is back in print
posted: 09/04/2013  by Lloyd
category: Literature, Journals
link to original article online

Renata Adler's Speedboat is now a 'classic' and it's back in print. Yes, the song was inspired by the book... sort of.