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Category: Ask Lloyd

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Has Germany any chance? Or anywhere else in Europe??
posted: 04/06/2004  by Weidni
category: Ask Lloyd

Q - in winning the EURO in Portugal? No, i just wanted to ask if theres a chance of Commotion shows in Germany. Pleaaaase! And if not pls come to Hamburg again lloyd we love you here!

A - And we love you ... more >

Andy Partridge collaboration??
publication date: 06/04/04
posted: 04/06/2004  by Belabart
category: Ask Lloyd

Q - Any truth to the rumor that a possible collaboration with Andy Partridge is in the works?

A - I did spend a couple of days in Andy's garden shed in 1997 or so when my record company thought so lit... more >

official live video relases?
posted: 04/06/2004  by belinda
category: Ask Lloyd

Q - Can you provide a list of official video releases of live material?. I very much enjoy the copy I have of the Marquee gig from 1984 but I was just wondering if there were any more.

A - That is it. Not... more >

posted: 09/06/2004  by than
category: Ask Lloyd

Q - Lloyd, have you seen any good movies so far this year?

A - Don't get out to the cinema that often. Saw Lost in Translation on a flight, enjoyed it. Finally saw Monsters Ball (video rental), though... more >

Journalists Who Lie
posted: 11/06/2004  by gus fielding
category: Ask Lloyd

Q - Hello Lloyd, I can't remember how many articles I've read by lazy journalists that write that you are Scottish, or get your lyrics or the names of your songs wrong. Does it bother you when you read ... more >

Lloyd's tastes in philosophy
posted: 11/06/2004  by hdriscol
category: Ask Lloyd

Q - Hi Lloyd,
I knew you studied literature at Glasgow, but I recently read somewhere on the site that you studied philosophy, too. I am just interested in knowing what thinkers you read and which ones ... more >

Favourite solo album
posted: 12/06/2004  by Jane Cassidy
category: Ask Lloyd

Q - Do you have a personal favourite among your solo albums? I still listen to Lloyd Cole on an almost daily basis. And sorry but I love some of the tracks on Don't Get Weird - although I admit the first ti... more >

Sean Penn
posted: 13/06/2004  by stefan
category: Ask Lloyd

Q - Hi Lloyd.
I bumped into Sean Penn in a lift in a hotel in Baghdad last year (I'm a journalist), we chatted briefly about him being anti-war and causing a bit of scandal back home. I joke to him &... more >

Use of synths / effects
posted: 14/06/2004  by phil b
category: Ask Lloyd

Q - Some of the subtle synth / electronic effects you used on Music in a Foreign Language really sound great and add atmosphere to the songs. Did you have any help creating these or did you get these through ex... more >

Sign new CD in Seattle (or your town)?
posted: 14/06/2004  by Francie1965
category: Ask Lloyd

Q - Hi Lloyd, will you hang out after the show in Seattle and sign your new CD? I have a dear friend in the UK who has a birthday in July that I would love to give him "Music in a Foreign Language" wi... more >