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Category: Links

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Siren Disc
publication date: 03/01/2005
posted: 03/01/2005  by OfficeEnnui
category: Miscellaneous
link to original article online

Q - Can I recommend Siren Disc, which has the Singles (with DVD) and the Rattlesnakes reissue, .99 cent shipping and donates to the Manatee fund?

A - Absolutely, thanks

Lloyd Cole & the Commotions DVD US retailer
posted: 03/01/2005  by Gregor
category: Miscellaneous
link to original article online

Anyone looking for a US online source for "Lloyd Cole The Commotion The Singles" can go here (link below)
I bought it from them, and though not as slick as larger e-tailers, I had no problems wi... more >

Garry Currin
posted: 18/01/2005  by Lloyd
category: art
link to original article online

Here's an artist I saw some pieces by when I was last in New Zealand. I liked them a lot.

Leave Verizon
posted: 26/01/2005  by Lloyd
category: Current Events
link to original article online

'Aggrieved Verizon customers are invited to join a class action that seeks damages arising from the US ISP's enthusiastic email filtering policies. Philadelphia law firm Kohn, Swift & Graf, ... more >

Bookslut Interviewing Hell
publication: Bookslut
publication date: 16/03/2005
posted: 16/03/2005  by OfficeEnnui
category: Literature, Journals
link to original article online

No LC content (but a Robert Quine connection). Great interview (with smart, vituperative Hell annotations) with writer/musician Richard Hell.
And Bookslut is a worthy link too.

Lullaby Baxter
posted: 29/05/2005  by Lloyd
category: Music
link to original article online

My pal Lullaby Baxter is close to finishing an album with the band Hercules producing. It is quite lovely. There are looking for interested labels and managers.

Morro Bay/JP Blondel
posted: 12/08/2005  by jpblondel
category: Literature, Journals

Back in 1986, I spent some holidays with my two best friends in California and I insisted on going to Morro Bay just because "Rich" was ( and still is) one of my favourite songs ( though I tend to pre... more >

Bob Moog Dies
posted: 24/08/2005  by Lloyd
category: Instruments, Gear
link to original article online

Great Art in NYC
posted: 19/11/2005  by Lloyd
category: art
link to original article online

My new friend has and open studio in her building soon.

Samantha Keely Smith (her webite link is in my art area)

here's the info:

Open Studios
195 Chryst... more >

X The Band
posted: 12/12/2005  by Lloyd
category: Music
link to original article online

I saw X last night. They were wonderful. Here's a link to their web site.