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Latest Updates

Category: Performance News

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London Shows - Arts Theatre
posted: 27/09/2006  by Lloyd
category: Performance News

The London shows, on 22nd and 23rd of October are at

Arts Theatre
6-7 Great Newport Street, WC2H
tickets are for sale at

I was twice given the wrong... more >

Loft Session next week on XM-50 Satellite Radio
posted: 23/10/2007  by Lloyd
category: Performance News

My Loft Session, recorded, rather early, the day I played Anapolis in September, will debut on:

Monday, Oct. 29th at 12noon (eastern).

It will also play during that week the following times:

(... more >

Lloyd Cole & The Leopards UK shows January 2014
posted: 28/11/2013  by Lloyd
category: Performance News

4 shows only! No acoustic guitars! London show is my 53rd birthday.... more >

Lloyd Cole & The Leopards on TV show Later October 15th
posted: 03/10/2013  by Lloyd
category: Latest News
1 comment

The Lloyd Cole & The Leopards debut has been moved forward 3 months thanks to Later inviting us to play 3 songs on October the 15th. We still don't have a 2nd guitarist/keyboard player, which is the long te... more >

Lisbon Show in November
posted: 24/05/2013  by Lloyd
category: Performance News

The show will be solo acoustic, 2 sets.... more >

Last concert of 2012 - Annapolis, MD. Dec 16th
posted: 13/11/2012  by Lloyd
category: Performance News
link to original article online

My final show of the year will be a solo acoustic matinee...... more >

Labcoat debut 03302012 Easthampton, MA
posted: 31/03/2012  by Lloyd
category: Performance News

Labcoat is my new (primarily) modular project. It's me plus a collaborator. In this case my friend Noah Gerhard.... more >

KUCI Orange County Radio visit
posted: 27/06/2004  by Lloyd
category: Performance News

Mark Hardt and Sean Ziebarth will co-host and record a 45 minute show of questions and accoustic performances by Lloyd Cole formerly with the Comotions. The show will be taped this Wednesday June 30 at 2:15 PM ... more >

June Pre-Tour Tour - New York and New England
posted: 04/05/2012  by Lloyd
category: Performance News

Northampton, MA, NYC and Hudson, NY.... more >

June and July in Europe - Acoustic Duo
posted: 04/05/2012  by Lloyd
category: Performance News

Shows in UK, Ireland, France, Germany and Switzerland... more >