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Latest Updates

Days 40 & 41 - File management, rough mixes, keyboard rejection
posted: 22/01/2013  by Lloyd
category: Studio Journal

Opposite Day (or Opposites Day, or Opposite's Day, I'm not sure). There are a lot of tracks! Remember it took Will 3 days to get his parts done... Plus there are multitracked Matthew and Dave and Joan. ... more >

Day 39 - Files and synthesizers
posted: 20/01/2013  by Lloyd
category: Studio Journal

It's a holiday weekend but I'm back in the small room for a 3/4 day of file management (primarily).
I have 11 songs with something like a total of 400 audio files, all of which need to be in the c... more >

Day 37 - Productive!
posted: 18/01/2013  by Lloyd
category: Studio Journal

11 AM start, it's taken me a month to realise that trying to make music before 11 is, 90% of the time, a waste of time. And with singing, which is what is on today it is even tougher.
I thought there... more >

Day 38 - Office work
posted: 18/01/2013  by Lloyd
category: Studio Journal

I'm quite tired, and almost took a day off, but Frank has stuff he wants to do at the weekend, so I'll work today (Friday) and take Saturday off.

It's file management mostly and making rough m... more >

Day 36 - Snow delay
posted: 16/01/2013  by Lloyd
category: Studio Journal
1 comment

I wake up to the sound of doors downstairs and assume it must be around 7.45 - when Frank goes to school - but I look at the clock and it's 9! That sleeping pill worked. The snow came, as promised, and we&... more >

Day 35 - Files, singing and guitars
posted: 15/01/2013  by Lloyd
category: Studio Journal
1 comment

Other than driving home from NYC, yesterday was actually a proper day off, and I wake up early today. I'm booked with Mark at SoneLab from 11 but I'm there at 10 importing the vocal and keyboard files f... more >

Days 33 & 34 - At The Magic Shop
posted: 14/01/2013  by Lloyd
category: Studio Journal

I drove down to NYC on Friday, dropped Will off in Bushwick, ate at his excellent local cantina, left the car with him (free street parking) and took a cab to the Wall St Andaz hotel (Priceline bargain) where I... more >

Day 32 - Will's last day, and lots of singing
posted: 10/01/2013  by Lloyd
category: Studio Journal

This last 10 days has not been easy. But we are getting there. Today was my last day in MA before the NYC sessions at the Magic Shop with Joan and Dave. Also my last chance to record Will.

The priority to... more >

Day 31 - The Piano Roll
posted: 09/01/2013  by Lloyd
category: Studio Journal

Yesterday was supposed to be a complete day off, but it wasn't. I had to make rough mixes for a couple of hours in the afternoon and I didn't sleep as well as I would have hoped. This record has pretty ... more >

Day 30 - Two Rooms again
posted: 08/01/2013  by Lloyd
category: Studio Journal

We carry on where we left off, with Blair and I in the small room and Will with Mark in the big one.
First of all I must get the Synth files in Logic converted to audio files so Will can hear the playing ... more >