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Category: Ask Lloyd

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Lyrics online available?
publication date: 27/07/2004
posted: 27/07/2004  by b-oncken
category: Ask Lloyd

Q - Hi, I would like to read the lyrics of "the negatives", which arenīt displayed in the info of the CD itself. Is it possible to get them online?

A - http://www.lloydcole.com/songs.html

SF--Great American Music Hall
publication: 07/28/04
publication date: 07/28/2004
posted: 29/07/2004  by bethannyh
category: Ask Lloyd
link to original article online

Q - (statement, really) intimate, honest, very professional, articulate, great hunour, humble, fantasticly entertaining; self deprocating

A - Beth, I saw your other postings, which I guess are more in lin... more >

Matthew Sweet
posted: 09/08/2004  by bobbyd
category: Ask Lloyd

Q - Dear Lloyd, are you still in touch with Matthew Sweet?

A - Not really, but I did see him and his wife Lisa in LA recently, which was nice.

Commotions shows recorded?
publication date: 09/08/2004
posted: 09/08/2004  by OfficeEnnui
category: Ask Lloyd

Q - For those of us stuck Stateside: Will any of the Commotions shows be recorded?

A - There is talk of making a DVD of the London show. I am not in charge of this, but I will not prevent it happening, sh... more >

questions about recording
posted: 09/08/2004  by thesilencekit
category: Ask Lloyd

Q -would you ever consider recording someone else? the intimacy and resonant sound you achieved in your "music in a foreign language" album is completely captivating and this stripped down/ less is mo... more >

music in a foreign language on vinyl?
posted: 11/08/2004  by oyvind
category: Ask Lloyd

Q - Is music in a foreign language available on vinyl (lp format)?

A - Sorry, no.

What is it with 'J ' names?
posted: 15/08/2004  by bj
category: Ask Lloyd
link to original article online

Q - Were you supposed to be a John, or Jane? Jennifer, James, even Jesus etc. Just been on ebay and there is a Genevive demo! Always wondered! Perhaps just easy alliteration?? Best (btw, my 'J' is Jo... more >

posted: 17/08/2004  by Rosenlund
category: Ask Lloyd

Q - GREATEST HITS + DVD? I saw on Hmv homepage that i can order a new greatest hits cd with a bonus dvd with all your videos on. Is this correct info?
Erik the viking

A - Yes, see latest news, i hav... more >

Looking for a song
publication date: 17/08/2004
posted: 17/08/2004  by coxinel
category: Ask Lloyd

Q - About 8 years ago, you went to a radio show in France, with Bernard Lenoir (France Inter) in his "Black Session" show.
The song that you sang started with: "Can I have an autograph, he... more >

Post Universal singles?
posted: 18/08/2004  by FBoekman
category: Ask Lloyd

Q - How many singles have you released post Universal? I have never seen any, but I have heard of "Impossible Girl" on bisxiv and "No more love songs" and "Cutting out" on Sanctuar... more >