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Three-night stand at Whelan's gives king Cole first live album
publication: Irish Independent
publication date: 28/04/2008
posted: 02/05/2008  by blgrieb Fly-Ins
category: Concert Reviews
link to original article online

Lloyd Cole Whelan's, Dublin

Despite 13 studio albums and several compilations over the course of a prolific career, Lloyd Cole has never released a live album.

Cole finally has a live album in the can after a weekend-long stand in Whelans's. Speaking of the Whelan's show online, he said: "I'm sure I'll be nervous and I'll need all the help and encouragement I can get."

He needn't have worried, as hard-core help and encouragement flew in from all over the world, testifying to Cole's enduring status as a first-rate songwriter.

Lloyd splits the performance into two hour-long solo acoustic segments. In the first section, Lloyd daringly segues songs together, but has the self-awareness to joke, "Can young musicians please note that it's only legal to play a medley when you're over 45?!"

The second half is an absolute cracker, delivering hit after hit from his classic debut album, 'Rattlesnakes'. 'Are You Ready to be Heartbroken?' is a gorgeous highlight, but standouts also include the recent song, 'Music in a Foreign Language', quashing any suspicions that Cole is a one-album wonder.

He is also a witty, suave and highly entertaining raconteur. Cole prefaces a thrilling rendition of 'Impossible Girl' with a hilarious anecdote about Alice Cooper, sadly too inappropriate for repetition in a family newspaper. I'm afraid you'll just have to wait for 'Live at Whelan's'!

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