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Glasgow wins City of Music award (BBC news)
posted: 20/08/2008  by johnc1971
category: Lists, snippets, tangents
link to original article online
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Glasgow gets city of music honour

Only two other European cities have been awarded City of Music status/Pic: Mariam Penman
Glasgow is aiming to build on its rich musical heritage after it was named a United Nations City of Music.
The honour, bestowed by the UN cultural body, Unesco, acknowledges the city's musical past and its role in music-making, performance and enjoyment.
A new body, Glasgow City of Music, will be set up to help the city's music community fulfil its potential.
Glasgow is also now one of 11 members of the Creative Cities Network, which was launched by Unesco in 2004.
They include Edinburgh for literature, and Montreal and Berlin for design.
The city will have to report to Unesco every two years on its achievements.
The title was presented at a ceremony in Glasgow by Unesco director-general, Koichiro Matsuura.
Mr Matsuura said it was "the beginning of what I am sure will be a very rich and fruitful partnership".
Only two other European cities have received the City of Music award - Seville, in Spain, and Bologna, in Italy.
Glasgow Lord Provost Bob Winter said the title recognised "Glasgow's rich and varied musical heritage".
"We embrace the award on behalf of our talented musicians and composers whose work has contributed to our great city being given the permanent prestige of being a City of Music," he said.
"I am confident this can only boost our musical ambitions and encourage and nurture future musical talent."
Marketing officials hope the status will give Glasgow's musical heritage, industry and potential global recognition.
A delegation from Glasgow submitted a 50-page bid document at Unesco's Paris headquarters in June.
It said that 127 music events a week were staged in the city, with styles ranging from contemporary and classical to Celtic and country.
It also highlighted the fact that the city is home to the Royal Scottish National Orchestra, Scottish Opera and the BBC's Scottish Symphony Orchestra.
The award now means that Scotland has two "world cities", after Edinburgh was named as the first Unesco City of Literature, in 2004.

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What - no mention of the Commotions or the Blue Nile!? Bastards! :)

Posted by: Jean @ 21/08/2008