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Join my team - The Young Idealists
posted: 14/02/2009  by Lloyd
category: Community

Exactly how ahead of my time my thinking can be is illustrated by the following - I was talking to my agent recently about maybe enlisting fans to help sell CDs at my concerts and generally help promote my shows and record releases around the world - "Oh, all the young bands have street teams..." she replied.

Oh, OK.

Back in the 1980's the UK record companies used to actually hire folk to go out and buy records to get them into the charts - these clandestine groups were referred to as the 'strike force'. 'Street Team' sounds like something the Clash might have so I'm forming, I hope, my own team - to be called 'The Young Idealists' (as in - raging through the coffee shops and bars, still supposing they could make a difference).

If you'd like to sell CDs at my show next time I'm coming to your town, or you think there might be a coffee shop near you where folk look like they might like LC music and you could put a poster up, sign up to the new 'strike force' mailing list - it's on your profile page below the regular mailing list.

There will be perks.

Administering a team like this, should it actually come to be, will need a chain of command, so I'm looking for administrators, too. If you're interested - email us at TheYoungIdealist@aol.com, thanks.

Thoughts and suggestions are welcomed at lloydstrikeforce@me.com

Soon (very soon) we'll have a forum for all this.

We have a google map, even - To view the map in detail, and zoom in on your neigbourhood, click here - http://bit.ly/theyoungidealists

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Title: Young Idealists at work

Thanks to Maren and her daughter Lily in Berlin, and Christophe (who took the train from Hanover) in Oldenburg last night, we've sold and signed a whole lot of CDs and the process was most enjoyable (even if I was exhausted after the shows). Thanks again!

Posted by: Lloyd @ 18/04/2009

Title: More YIs at work

Many, many CDs sold. Thanks to Tim in Munster and Christiane in Cologne!

Posted by: Lloyd @ 20/04/2009

Title: Fathers, Sons, Idealists & Idols

Hi Lloyd,

you're welcome -- I was glad to be able to help you.

Funny footnote: I told my father (for whom I bought "Rattlesnakes" xmas 1984) on the phone about the Young Idealists and how it came to be that I helped out at the concert and talked to you. He seemed mildly interested and happy for me.

However, he really perked up when I mentioned Kris Kristofferson and that you covered one of his songs. "Wow, what a coincidence," he said. "I've been going through a Kris Kistofferson phase this very week, listening to his albums! Such great songs!"

I guess it goes to show that you can only impress your father by meeting *his* idols, not yours.

Keep that in mind when your son tells you his Julian Casablancas story in about 10 or 20 years ...

Good luck for the rest of your tour!


Posted by: Tim @ 21/04/2009

Title: Andreas in Zurich

Thanks so much to Andreas in Zurich! We are now sold out of COTA box sets!

Posted by: Lloyd @ 24/04/2009

Title: The YoungIdealist

Met our fabulous MapMeister Martin in Cambridge last night along with the long supportive Harry Beer. Sold many CDs again!

Posted by: Lloyd @ 29/04/2009

Title: Winchester

Thanks to Emma and Ryan in Winchester.

Posted by: Lloyd @ 30/04/2009

Title: Black Box

Thanks for Graham and Kevin (with help from Barry - much needed in the dark!) in Belfast last night.

Posted by: Lloyd @ 02/05/2009

Title: More thanks

More thanks to - Andrew and Paul in Holmfirth, and Wayne in St Helens (who drove all the way from Hull!). After the Manchester show only a few CDs were left so the UK leg of the tour was very sucessful, merchandise wise, thank you to all that made this the case. Thanks John in Limerick and Graham and Barry in Galway. Just Whelan's left and Graham is on duty both nights - be nice to him, he's a diamond bloke.

Posted by: Lloyd @ 11/05/2009

Language: Young Idealists
Title: Forum close to final stage

The forum has entered its final stage thanks to the great work done by Paul Smith. He led the way setting up a forum that seems pretty robust. The long term outlook of the forum is now the users domain.

The test crew helped greatly adding suggestions and tweaking it into something that will give a voice to the Lloyd Cole community. The final stage of testing is an email out to be a part for all the Young Idealists that are on the books to test post and get it running as a forum, so check your emails.

Please feel free to get topics going and feedback any problems you have there is a feedback area in the forum feel free to post.

The forum will open to all members fully, shortly after all the Young Idealist testing is complete.

With your help it will be a forum.

Posted by: sigggy @ 09/07/2009

Title: windsor show

I would love to be part of your team at your windsor firestation show Lloyd,My hometown at last to play at being host to your good self,looking forward to it already.let me know if you need any assistance and i will do my utmost to help out,all the best,Chris

Posted by: chrisbatey @ 20/08/2009

Title: New Facebook site

With discussion to Lloyd we have now unveiled new sites the most recent being a Lloyd Cole the Young Idealists Facebook page. This will update those members that have Facebook of local events and keep them up to date with Young Idealist initiatives. It will also assist managing and recognition of idealists members...provided your profile picture is not of a cat or a baby. See also the linked sites and join. Tweet link also.


Posted by: sigggy @ 17/11/2009

Language: English
Title: St Georges Bristol

Hi, offered personally at Windsor show last year to help in any way with future shows, selling merchandise, CD's or whatever. So now you're being kind enough to play locally (St Georges, Bristol) so here I am, how can I help and whom do I contact? Would consider travelling to other British/Irish shows as well, looking forward to the small ensemble, frankie

Posted by: frankiemacmusic @ 21/07/2010

Language: Scottish
Title: Keep me in mind

When you come to Brisbane. I would be happy to assist.

Posted by: Sharedbirthdate @ 24/08/2010

Language: english
Title: idealist

Give me a shout if you need any help in Wales and the West,i cover a wide area through work so cornwall,wales,devon,somerset all are no problem Lloyd.


Posted by: Stu27 @ 01/09/2010

Title: manchester

I can man the stall at Manchester if you like.

Posted by: johnc1971 @ 07/09/2010

Language: English
Title: Gig/gigs in Sweden later this autumn....


posted some comments about your latest album (which I preordered about a year ago, recently found in my mailbox and will enjoy for a long time...) a few minutes ago and then realised after reading an interview given to a swedish on-line magazine (?) that you are in deed coming to Sweden, for instance to Katalin in my "hometown" Uppsala (stayed on after leaving university there...).

About a year ago I volunteered as "a young idealist" and am still listed on some google map as a "local rep" in Uppsala.

I would absolutely love to be of as much assistance as possible before and during the concert. Since I work in Stockholm and live in Uppsala I could probably help out in (and between?) both cities.

Please let your staff or office get in touch with me if you/they are interested and hopefully I will be of some use.......

Posted by: Arsenal @ 13/09/2010

Language: English
Title: Not so young idealist!


you got me through plenty of angst in the 80's. Now I'm older, but not so much wiser, you've been the inspiration for today's blog.


Well, you put the muse into music after all! Glad you are still inspiring!

Posted by: Chiromancer @ 19/10/2010

Language: english
Title: thanks!!

Hi Lloyd,

Just writing to say it was great to help out last night in Exeter.

Im glad we managed to sell a lot of cds.It was a fantastic gig.

See you in Bristol Tuesday.

Best Wishes


Posted by: Stu27 @ 01/11/2010

Language: Helpers
Title: Required

For these shows-pop past the forum for details:


Posted by: sigggy @ 04/11/2010

Title: Maybe someday

Hi Lloyd,

Ever since your debut in '84 I'm a big fan! I'm trying to start my own business now. If I succeed, I'd do anything to sell your records!!! I might even not move to London to promote you in the Netherlands!

Posted by: Edwin van Welie @ 11/11/2010

Language: English
Title: Wellington helper?

Hi Lloyd or NZ administrators, I too have been a fan since 1983! Although I may not be able to be much use before your Feb 7 Wellington show I am happy to try to help, even selling CDs afterwards or posters in local cafes {I will try to down load few now}
Charles cmj<at>actrix.co.nz

Posted by: ChasD @ 02/02/2011

Title: may be able to help in France

Hi, I may be able to fly out to help in france. I am in the UK.

Message me at john.clayton1971@btinternet.com



Posted by: johnc1971 @ 07/03/2011

Title: Switzerland?

Let me know if you need help at the Zurich show.



Posted by: scalder @ 08/03/2011

Language: English


IF you are able to help with the up and coming European tour,

PLEASE Email me at THE


pls include your name , email adress and location, including country.

We need help at :-
Fri 18 Belgium, Arlon, Eglise Sacré Coeur
Sat 19 Belgium, Dranouter, Muziekcentrum 't Folk
Sun 20 Belgium, Mechelen, Cultuurcentrum
Wed 23 France, Nancy, L'Autre Canal
Fri 25 France, Tours, Escal
Sat 26 France, Nantes, Onyx
Sun 27 France, Rennes, Etage
Tue 29 France, Lyon, Salle Moliere
Wed 30 France, Toulouse, Bikini
Thu 31 France, Bourdeaux, Rocher de Palmer
Sat 2 France, Nice, Salle Grappelli
Sun 3-Apr Italy, Bologna, Chiesa S.Ambrogio
Tue 05 – Austria, Vienna, Casino Baumgarten
Wed 06 – Germany, Waldkraiburg, Haus Der Kultur Braunauer
Fri 08 – Germany, Schorndorf,
Sat 09 – Austria, Dornbirn, Spielboden
Sun 10 – Germany, Frankfurt (Main),
Mon 11 – Germany, Bochum, Zeche
Wed 13 – Switzerland, Zürich,
Thu 14 – Germany, Freiburg,
Fri 15-Apr Switzerland, Lausanne, Bleu Lezard
Sat 16-Apr Switzerland, Geneva, Alhambra
Wed 20-Apr Luxembourg, Dudelange, Centre Cultural Opderschmelz
Thu 21-Apr Holland, Amsterdam, People's Place
Tue 26-Apr Demark, Copenhagen, Bremmen
Wed 27-Apr Sweden, Luleå, Kulturens hus
Thu 28-Apr Sweden, Stockholm, Rival
Sat 30-Apr Norway, Bergen, Bergenfest

Many thanks,

Posted by: fuzz @ 09/03/2011

Language: English
Title: Morecambe

Hi Lloyd,

I have my ticket for Morecambe. I am available to man a stall for you.



Posted by: johnc1971 @ 15/08/2011

Title: Gateshead

I have my ticket for Gateshead and am happy to woman a stand for you there. I'm looking forward to a mini cultural tour of the north.

Posted by: melanie_hancox @ 30/08/2011

Language: English
Title: Nottingham Glee Club March 2012

Hi. Hope I've come to the right place, as I've lost track a little since last year when I manned the stall at Nottingham Glee Club. Fantastic evening meeting Lloyd who, as ever, was extremely generous with his time. Also enjoyed meeting so many 'old' and new enthusiasts!! Delighted to see Lloyd is returning in March 2012. My wife and I would be honoured to do the same this time, if this message could be passed on to our local Idealist rep?! Thanks

Posted by: AgedIndiekid @ 12/12/2011

Title: March 10th. The Junction (Cambridge)

I've just recently discovered Lloyd's music and have been listening to nothing else since. I'm booking tickets for The Junction 2012 and would be more than happy to help with anything you need.
Thank you and Happy New Year

Posted by: NikkiFox @ 31/12/2011

Title: 2012 dates

Awesome,u need an idealist for Cardiff ? As I live there? Did Exeter for u last time round Martin.Cheers Stu

Posted by: Stu27 @ 04/02/2012

Title: South wales valleys

Any time you are here we will happilly help out - easiest is Abergavenny but any where within striking distance of there is cool, email on the link to this or phillhenshaw@hotmail.com

Really good to see you tonight


Posted by: Orbits cat @ 12/03/2012

Title: Help needed for Switzerland

Anyone able to help in Switzerland?
Thu 5 - Switzerland, Zürich, Viadukt
Address: Viaduktstrasse 69/71, 8005 Zürich, Switzerland

Please contact me -



Posted by: fuzz @ 19/06/2012

Language: English
Title: Mainstream

Hey Lloyd - 2 questions

1) Saw you in Manhattan with Will - AMAZING. I bought you the Diet Coke before the show. Anyway, why not play some songs from Mainsteam - "Jennifer She Said" is So good or Hey Rusty...oldies but goodies.

b) why does the name Lloyd have 2 l "L"'s?



Posted by: jamcd99 @ 16/07/2012

Language: Welsh
Title: why Lloyd has two Ls

As a Celtic linguist I'll jump in on b).

Because it's the English form of Welsh Llwyd 'grey'.

'll' in Welsh represents a phoneme that is not used in English but is found in a number of other languages.

Here's how ll is pronounced in Welsh:


Posted by: heida @ 17/07/2012

Title: 2013 YI duties

Hi, I've lost your email Martin! I'm about to move house but could easily do Stamford and Cambridge. Email me on harrycbeer@btinternet.com Cheers, Harry.

Posted by: Hairy Bear @ 27/07/2013

Title: LC and Harry ~ Norwich

If you need any help next time on the table, let me know because more often than not, I'm at LC's events in the area. Thanks

Posted by: Wotsup @ 03/04/2014

Language: english
Title: brisbane shows 2014

greetings.if you require help at the brisbane shows in june,i would be more than happy,cheers.paul.

Posted by: junkship @ 27/05/2014