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Small Ensemble - Broken Record European Tour, stage 1
posted: 14/07/2010  by Lloyd
category: Performance News

All shows will be two sets, no support, unless noted.

The Lloyd Cole small ensemble is -

LC - acoustic guitar, banjo
Mark Schwaber - acoustic guitar, mandolin
Matt Cullen - acoustic guitar, banjo


Thu 14 - Portugal, Porto, Casa De Musica
Avenida da Boavista 604-610 , Porto 4149-071
Tickets: http://www.ticketline.pt/
30 €

Fri 15 - Portugal, Guimarães , S. Mamede Centro de Artes a Espectaculos
Rua Dr. Jose Sampaio, 17-25, Guimarães 4810-275
Tickets: http://www.ticketline.pt/
1º Balcão 25.00 € | Plateia 20.00 €

Sat 16 - Portugal, Esterreja, Cine Teatro de Estarreja
Rua Visconde Valdemouro, Estarreja 3860-389
1st Teatro 25 € ¦ 2nd Plateia 22 € ¦ 1 Balcão 20 € ¦ 2 Balcão 18 €

Sun 17 - Portugal, Sintra, Centro Cultural Olga Cadaval - Sintra Misty - 1 set with support
Praça Dr. Francisco Sá Carneiro, Sintra 2710-720
Festival Tickets: 15 € - 30 €

Tue 19 - Portugal, Coimbra, Teatro Gil Vicente
Praça da República, Coimbra 3000-343
Tickets: http://www.ticketline.pt/
1º Balcão 22.00 € | Plateia 25.00 €

Thu 21 - Ireland, Cork, Pavillion
Carey's Lane (just off Patrick Street), Huguenot Quarter, Cork
25.00 €

Fri 22 - Ireland, Limerick, Dolans
3/4 Dock Road, Limerick, Co. Limerick
19 €

Sat 23 - Ireland, Sligo, Model Arts - Sligo Live Festival - 1 set with support
The Mall, Sligo
25.00 €

Sun 24 - Ireland, Dublin, Whelans
25 Wexford Street, Dublin 2
26,00 €

Tue 26 - UK, Glasgow, Fruitmarket
Candleriggs, Glasgow G1 1NQ
£20 (plus booking fee)

Wed 27 - UK, Stockton, ARC
Stockton Arts Centre, Dovecot Street, Stockton on Tees TS18 1LL

Thu 28 - UK, Manchester, Royal Northern College of Music
124 Oxford Road, Manchester, M13 9RD

Fri 29 - UK, Nottingham, Glee Club
The British Waterways Building, Castle Wharf, Canal St
Nottingham NG1 7EH
Tel: 0871 472 0400
Tickets: https://www.glee.co.uk/index.php?id_page=169&id_performer=287

Sun 31 - UK, Exeter, Phoenix
Bradninch Place, Gandy Street, Exeter EX4 3LS


Mon 1 - UK, Brighton, Komedia
44 Gardner Street, Brighton, Brighton BN1 1UN 1

Tue 2 - UK, Bristol, St Georges
Great George Street, Off Park Street, Bristol BS1 5RR

Wed 3 - UK, London, Union Chapel
Compton Avenue, London N1 2XD
Tickets: http://www.musicglue.com/whatson?searchText=lloyd+cole
£25 adv + booking fee

Fri 5 - France, Paris, Alhambra
21 rue Yves Toudic, Paris 75010
35 €

Sat 6 - Germany, Hamburg, Kampnagel
Jarrestraße 20, Hamburg 22303
Tickets: http://www.ticketonline.com/de/de/site/111100045/eventid/966791-%28the%29+Lloyd+Cole+Small+Ensemble/
27,65 €

Sun 7 - Germany, Cologne, Live Music Hall
Lichtstraße 30, Köln, Köln 50825
Advanced Booking 24 € | Box Office 28,00 € (plus booking fee)

Tue 9 - Germany, Munich, Freiheiz
Rainer-Werner-Fassbinder-Platz 1, Munich 80636
24 € (plus booking fee)

Thur 11 - Germany, Reutlingen, franz.K
Unter den Linden 23
72762 Reutlingen
Tickets: http://www.franzk.net/
Normalpreis 26,88 €
franz.K-Mitglied 19,04 €

Fri 12 - Germany, Frankfurt, Brotfabrik
Bachmannstr. 2-4, Frankfurt am Main 60488
27,90 €

Sat 13 - Germany, Bremen, Moments
Vor dem Steintor 65
28203 Bremen
Tickets: https://www.hekticket.de/aff/.bin/index.cgi?tid=1554051011132000
Tickets Tel: 0421 - 792 66 33
Tickets Email: mail@club-moments.de
Tickets also available from:
EAR , Before the stone gate 104, Tel. 0421 / 7903829 and Hot Shot Records, Hanseatic Court 9, Tel. 0421 / 704730
27.60 €

Sun 14 - Germany, Berlin, Astra Kulturhaus
Revaler Str. 99, Berlin 10245
Tickets: https://www.hekticket.de/berlinatnight/.bin/index.cgi?tid=1533981011142100
28.10 €

Wed 17th - Sweden, Malmo, KB
Friisgatan 26
211 53 Malmö
Tickets Tel: + 46 771-651 000
260 SEK

Thur 18th - Sweden, Stockholm, Sodra Teatern
Mosebacke torg 1-3
116 46 Stockholm
Tickets Tel: +46 8 531 99 490
Tickets: http://www.sodrateatern.com/en/Program--Tickets/Events-container/Lloyd-Cole-Small-Ensemble/
310 SEK

Fri 19th - Sweden, Uppsala, Katalin
Godsmagasinet Östra Station
Roslagsgatan 1, 753 27 Uppsala
Tel: 018-14 06 80
Tickets: http://www.ticnet.se/checkout/event.php?eventId=KAU1119A
315 SEK

Sat 20th - Sweden, Gothenburg, Stenhammarsalen
412 56 Göteborg, Gothenburg
Tel: 031-726 53 00
250 SEK

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Title: Poeto

Thanks so much to Porto. We could not have had a better crowd for our first show.

Posted by: Lloyd @ 14/10/2010

Title: WE THANK YOU, Lloyd!

No, WE thank you Lloyd. It was marvellous! Whatever you did during the break, please do it before the beggining of the next show. You were superb on the second half. We could have stayed there for another hour. Hope you liked the city and CASA DA MÚSICA, hope you liked the concert room. Once again, congratulations!

<I'm editing this - moving the comment from the album discussion to here, to avoid confusion. This thread is the right place for comments on the shows. And thanks! We had fun. I felt lik I'd been hit by a truck today - I was so tired. I have 2 hours to rest now before tonight's show...LC>

Title: CASA DA MUSICA, Oporto, Portugal

Lloyd Cole was perfect tonight with his Small Ensamble. He sang for more than two hours and specially on the second part of the show after the break, he returned with a great voice and a huge performance. May be it was all about the Portuguese red wine he certainly asked for backstage. In the first part he confessed to be nervous even after all this years. He sang 26 songs. There was one I didn't knew "The lady come from Baltimore", by Tim Hardin. He also told some jokes, for instance, he dedicated "Old enough to know better" to "those guys who came to the concert driving AUDI's TT and BMW...". Then he asked us if was there a problem if we stay longer, if "we've all arranged previously with our babysitters...". Most of the jokes were about age and ageing: when the room sang "Jennifer, she said", he concluded commenting that we all were too old to sing that song...
But this was not an 80's concert. The great thing about Lloyd is that he always knew how to age his music and, in fact, lot of the audience knew his lyrics besides "Rattlesnakes" 's. It was not about nostalgia, it was about being a 49 years-old musician doing 2010 music. If he hadn't made the 80's music, he still would be a great songwritter to love and cherish nowadays for his actual work !
The acustic versions were perfect. Top moments were "No more love songs" (+++), "Margo's Waltz"(+++), "Why I love country music" (++), "Woman in a bar" (++), "So you'd like to save the world" (clapping!!), "Are you ready to be heartbroken", "Undressed" (huge!), well, in fact, every music in which the 3 musicians prolonged the song for a little while with the guitars...
If you have the oportunity to watch the show don't miss it!

Part I

No blue skies
Why I love country music
Perfect skin
Like a broken record
Don't look back
Woman in a bar
My other life
Margo's Waltz
Writers retreat!
Trigger Happy
So you'd like to save the world
Why in the world
I'm gone

Part II

Are you ready to be heartbroken?
Impossible girl
If I were a song
My alibi
[The lady come from Baltimore] by Tim Hardin
Old enough to know better
No more love songs
Late night, early town
Like lovers do
Forest fire


Jennifer, she said
Lost weekend
Four flights up

If you attend the next shows you'll not regret it.

Posted by: joaoguimaraes @ 14/10/2010

Posted by: João Guimarães @ 15/10/2010

Title: Set list

Sames as last night minus 4 Flights and we did Part of The Wind instead of the TH medley. Lovely folk again. Guimaraes is beautiful! I can't believe I've never been before.

Posted by: Lloyd @ 15/10/2010

Title: Porto, Portugal

I’ve been to the concert on the 14 October in Porto, and only now i find some time to express what i felt about it.

In one word: brilliant!

Well, I guess one word is just not enough, I think it was also fantastic, real good. It was really a perfect show. I had so much fun. Congratulations Lloyd and thank you very much.

Posted by: FG @ 16/10/2010

Language: English
Title: Guimarães

Great concert last night in Guimarães. I saw Lloyd Cole and the Commotions twice in the 80s, but not since. Wonderful to see a grown up concert rather than a nostalgia trip, although I would have loved to hear Four Flights Up as I've always enjoyed the shudder in the voice with the line "you cling to my arm". Fantastic to see none of the nonsense of a light show, and to concentrate on watching three fantastic musicians and seeing some instruments I rarely get to watch being played live. My only criticism is that I thought it was a shame the band scuttled off before all the audience could get up for a standing ovation. We're getting on a bit you know, takes ua a while to heave ourselves up out of our seats. Pity we couldn't stay for the signing, we'd have thanked the band in person.

Posted by: PGtips @ 16/10/2010

Title: Unlucky me... Estarreja is sold out|

A few moments ago I phoned to Cine Teatro Estarreja to know if they still had tickets for tonight show, the third concert in Portugal.

I liked so much CASA DA MÚSICA's concert that I would gladly make the 70 Kms trip down there just to see those three masters alive again.

The truth is that the room is sold out! I wish the lucky Estarreja folk a great show...

Posted by: joaoguimaraes @ 16/10/2010

Title: Estarreja concert

Hello all

I'm portuguese fan, so you have to excuse me for my english

I was at estarreja concert in the last saturday! The room was sold out. My first lloyd Cole concert and i must say i was quite impressed: excellent show, Lloyd's voice were great, and Mark and Matt very good musicians. I only feel sorry that Lloyd doesn't play many songs of the new Album (just four), which one i enjoy a lot. I think highlights were "Why in the World", "So you like to save the World", "Trigger Happy", "Undressed" "Writer's Retreat" and "If i were a song".
In the end, Lloyd came to sign some tickets and cd's and also take some photographs with the fans. I never see that kind of attitude before in any other artist, even in small venues like this.
I came from Braga, in the north of the country to see the show, and i don't regret it :)

Posted by: Xavierini @ 19/10/2010

Language: French English
Title: Porto

Great Performance for a Small Ensemble.... more 2 hours of pleasures for us and also for you (it's staring you in the face!!).... Hot time on Jennifer She Said...Thanks a lot Mr Cole without forgotten Mr Schwaber and Mr Cullen....(Sorry i couldn't wait more longtime , Casa de musica closed before...).

See you soon to ...Paris.

PS: Lottery (Qestion time,Lloyd Cole, 40's singer:what would you do if you won the lottery?I would continue to make music.):

6 and 9 for Broken Record released date.
11 for number of songs
10 for 10th solo album
49 for number of Magic Shop adress (or your age??)
Stars: 1-3-6-9 (mix of 31.01.1961)

I have tried...

Posted by: ringo10ch @ 20/10/2010


When will we see you in Barcelona? We love you here too ...

Posted by: cantrecall @ 23/10/2010

Language: English
Title: Thanks

Great show in Limerick, so glad I went. Not often we get true artists in town. Bought the new album at the show and have been playing it all the time, really terrific. Writers Retreat! is one of the LC songs ever but the whole record is very strong and beautifully recorded.

Posted by: alandenglish @ 24/10/2010

Language: EN
Title: Concert in Estarreja

I just want to say that the concert in Estarreja, Portugal, one week ago, was simply great and fantastic. I was there with my family and everyone enjoys very much. In the end I had the opportunity to have some words with Lloyd when he signs some CDs and tickets. I told him that I was waiting more than 20 years to see him in concert. In the latest enghties, I travel from Aveiro to Porto to see him in stage. When I arrive to the place of the concert no tickets were available, was sold out. Lloyd answers me “20 years! We are becoming old…” My answer to him is that “Yes, we are becoming old, but you are still making great music!”

Posted by: Armando @ 24/10/2010

Language: English
Title: You and the small ensemble @ Dolans, Limerick/Ireland

Dear Lloyd, dear ensemble,

driving through Ireland passing lovely places (Adare!) we finally reached Limerick. That was our main goal of the trip coming from Germany and it was one of the greatest performances ever. Brilliant guitar playing in a wonderful environment, you were in good mood and your guitar-folks as well.

Thanks so much and after visiting Dingle the next day we finally can say: what a gorgeous trip!

See you in Frankfurt!

Take care

Regina and Dirk from Aachen/Germany

Posted by: newyorksunshine @ 25/10/2010

Language: Glaswegian
Title: Old Fruitmarket


No Blue Skies
Why I Love Country Music
Perfect Skin
Like a Broken Record
Don't Look Back
My Other Life
Margo's Waltz
Trigger Happy
Writers Retreat!
So You'd Like to Save the World?
Why In the World
I'm Gone

Woman in a Bar
Lost Weekend
Impossible Girl
If I Were a Song
Lady Came From Baltimore / Reason to Believe
Old Enough to Know Better / No More Love Songs
Late Night, Early Town
Like Lovers Do
Forest Fire

Man Overboard
Are You Ready to Be Heartbroken?

A fantastic night. Always loved the solo acoustic format of recent times, but the addition of the phenomenally talented duo of Mark Schwaber and Matt Cullen to form the Small Ensemble - as previewed on the Slaughterhouse session release - takes this to a new dimension. Definately one of the best LC shows I've experienced.

However, to top it all, the appearance of Blair Cowan at the encore to join in with Man Overboard and AYRTBH? was worth the ticket money alone. I had hoped that Blair's appearance on Broken Record would result in a surprise appearance at the show, but did not think this would become a reality. To see/hear him join in on accordian with the last two numbers - an experience most likely never to be repeated again on the present tour - made this an extra special evening.

Top notch performances all round.

Posted by: sludger @ 26/10/2010

Language: english
Title: stockton 27/10/10

just wanted to say thanks for a brilliant concert last night in stockton. we were all really impressed with you staying behind to sign and have your photo with everyone by the way.
loving the new album. the more i listen to it the more i think its the best one you have ever done. keep up the great work and good luck with the rest of the tour.

Posted by: john254 @ 28/10/2010

Language: English
Title: Great stuff

Fantastic stuff last night in Stockton-felt compelled to tell you what a legend you are and how important your music has been over the years to me and many other's-probably came across as slightly mad but was just so stoked at seeing you live for the first time since the eighties. Great set, loved the new album stuff and a belting opener with No Blue Skies. Thanks again guys, great stuff!
Hope it's not the last time we see you on these shores-consider a coastal gig in Whitby next time!! Good pubs and beer available!
Enjoy the rest of the tour.

Posted by: davhav @ 28/10/2010

Language: English
Title: Manchester Concert

Hi Lloyd,

Thanks so much for last nights gig, it was superb! Such an intricate wall of sound produced by a guitar banjo and mandolin. The highlight for me was So You Want to Save The World? the dynamic on this song was absolutely compelling.

Listened to the new album in the car on the way home, your retail salesmanship works a treat! "If I were A Song" is already an all time classic. When I heard it on the white label album I thought it was an old song re-done until I checked and couldn't find it!

Anyway, I hope the rest of the tour goes down well and look forward to seeing you again.

Posted by: bogusbill @ 29/10/2010

Language: English
Title: Manchester

Hello Lloyd

Thank you for a super show, and for signing the 'Small Ensemble' CD for us. (I already have 'Broken Record' - I wasn't just being tight!)

My daughter, Olivia, was chuffed to bits to hear Whaley Bridge elevated to a place in 'Undressed' and to have her school mentioned on stage! Seriously, please come for a visit to your old place of learning next time you're in the North West - we could even put on a concert for you!

Hope the rest of the tour goes well and isn't too exhausting.

Helen xx

Posted by: aitchlone @ 29/10/2010

Language: english
Title: Exeter show definatley not a lost weekend.

Well Exeter last night was superb!

The audience were treated to two great sets by Lloyd.
In this intimate but packed venue he kicked off with a sublime version of "No Blue Skies",swiftly followed by a great mix of Hits,Key Album tracks and songs from his vast catalouge.The songs from the the new album "Broken Record" mixed perfectly,"Writers retreat","If i were just a song","Broken Record" and "Man overboard" were just a few highlights.Lloyd was in great humour,his dry and whitty comments made the audience feel relaxed and ready for more.Before we knew it we were into "2cv" and a rousing "Lost Weekend".

Its great that Lloyd continues to become more and more prolific in his songwriting,the new songs are proof.Im sure not many artists can stake claim to be producing work of this quality,and to have such a great body of work past and present is inspirational.At the merchandise stall it was fantastic to see "Broken Record" selling so well.Finally the night was topped off with Lloyd's signing session after the concert, and many fans had a pictures taken.Everyone went home with a big smile on their face,and a spring in their step.

Truly a night to remember and definatley Not a "Lost Weekend".


Posted by: Stu27 @ 01/11/2010

Language: english

Not being able to attend the Nottingham gig as only start a new job the previous week and they would not allow me time off ! What made this even worse was the last time Lloyd toured I was unable to attend for a simular reason. (at least the misses could go last time, but this time she was unable to get there as she cann't drive so she missed out this time as well)

Posted by: boulstridg @ 01/11/2010

Title: Exeter

Just to echo Stu's comments. Exeter was a great gig, Matt & Mark's playing really added to the songs. (My husband, the guitar nerd, was impressed with much capo action & is off googling some new peice of kit for amplifying acoustic guitars. Should keep him happy for weeks.) Sorry Tim, no playlist, I left my pen & pencil at home, but they played 2CV, Lost Weekend, about half of Rattlesnakes by Husband's reckoning, Undressed, Old enough to Know Better, Margo's Waltz umm, memory now failing me. I'll try harder to remember in Paris on Friday.

Posted by: melanie_hancox @ 01/11/2010

Language: engl

Hi Mel

Did manage to get a few of the set list noted on the iphone of the first half.Well sort of goes like this.(there are 2 songs missing my mind has escaped me!?lol)

No Blue Skies
Why i love country music
Perfect skin
Broken Record
Trigger Happy
My Other life

So you'd like to save the world
Writers retreat

Like lovers do

Second set havnt a clue of the exact running order as i had lost my concerntration on noting my set list.Was awesome gig.

Speak Soon



Posted by: Stu27 @ 01/11/2010

Title: Exeter

'Second set havnt a clue of the exact running order as i had lost my concerntration on noting my set list.Was awesome gig.' - that'll be as a result of the great front row, centre seat, ticket I gave up for you!!!! Am emailing you now so you and Husband can exchange Smiths contraband. x

Posted by: melanie_hancox @ 01/11/2010

Language: english

Yeah he was missing you in the first half i think,esp when Lloyd name checked you.Think he must have had visions of you both running off into the sunset.

Great seat Mel tho,thanks for that ;-) beers on me next time and next time i wont be driving.


Posted by: Stu27 @ 01/11/2010

Language: English
Title: Brighton

If you haven't yet booked your tickets for any of the concerts, the London Evening Standard's racing correspondent advises you to do so now - if only to hear the stunningly beautiful 'Why In The World', possibly the best lyrics ever put to music.
The Small Ensemble's live version is even better than on 'Broken Record', if that's possible.
It comes with a goosebumps guarantee.

I wonder why Lloyd doesn't just produce a 'live' CD - the Brighton gig was phenomenal.

Posted by: milham13 @ 02/11/2010

Language: English
Title: Manchester gig

Hi Lloyd,
Manchester - Superb, spine tingling, awe inspiring and generally dead good.

It's been 20 years since I last saw you play which was in Liverpool (caused by a combnation of bad luck/timing and a decade diverted to dance music - sorry) but it was worth the wait.

Not sure on your feelings nowadays of lost weekend but you point blank refused to play it in 1990 - even singing the first few words of it at the back stage door - only to stop and pretend you'd forgotten the words! (you did make up for it with a rip roaring version of the beatles why don't we do it in the road though).

The manchester gig on Thursday was the highlight of my gig attending year and utmost respect to the 'ensemble' for their perfect performances.

Thanks for the memories.

Posted by: mister55 @ 02/11/2010

Title: Brighton

Just perfect. It was my first time seeing Lloyd live, and it was wonderful. Come back to Brighton/anywhere in the South East soon!

Felt sorry for those poor fingertips, though, it looked like it was quite painful.

Posted by: nickyc @ 02/11/2010

Language: English
Title: Union Chapel

Not been to this venue before, but looking forward to the show - love the new album. Set lists look great (would love to hear Mr Wrong...) anyway should be a fine evening.

Posted by: benj_nelson @ 02/11/2010

Title: Bristol

Really enjoyed the show at the beautiful St George's in Bristol last night. Lloyd was gracious and patient enough to sign for anyone who wanted (it was a pretty big queue) and to pose for photo's. On seeing the new Jonathan Franzen under my arm he commented that he had started it that day. A book conversation with Lloyd Cole - my teenage self would have fainted!

My uncle gave me Mainstream on vinyl in 1987 and this was my first Lloyd Cole show.

My 20s were blown on a car crash of a relationship with a girl/nemesis called Jennifer, Lloyd's music being prominent in the soundtrack of our lives. It ended spectacularly badly a long time ago and soon enough work, a happy marriage and a child came along. As the lights went down at St George's last night, I looked up at the balcony as someone was rustling into their seat. As soon as she yawned I knew it was her - Jennifer James. I did the only reasonable thing - at the end I walked up to her and asked her to lend me 20 quid for old time's sake. She laughed. I don't remember her laughing much when she was my girlfriend - not after 1995 anyway.

Drove home to Wales through pissing rain, which seemed suitable.

Posted by: Min @ 03/11/2010

Language: French
Title: Paris - Novembre 2010

Bienvenue à Paris au Small Ensemble !

Très heureux de revoir enfin Lloyd en concert après avoir manqué les précédents rendez-vous en France !

J'ai vu la play-list et le programme me rend impatient d'être vendredi 5 à l'Alhambra de Paris.

Encore un grand merci Beth !


Posted by: @ 03/11/2010

Language: English
Title: Paris-November 2010

Welcome to Paris to the Small Ensemble!

Very happy to see Lloyd in concert at last after having missed the earlier gatherings in France!

I saw the playlist and the programme makes me impatient to be at the Alhambra of Paris on Friday the 5th.

Again big thanks to Beth!

Posted by: heidi @ 03/11/2010

Title: Union Chapel, Islington

Lovely gig, quite possibly the best of the 7 of Lloyd's I've seen (Commotions on their last tour back in the day plus a reunion show and four solo shows in the last 6-7 years). I love the solo show, but I love the embellishments and detail of the Small Ensemble, and the sense of camaraderie on the stage. It was also great to just have songs and the odd comment, and not e.g. the well-worn Alice Cooper gag in Impossible Girl.

Such a lovely venue. My first time. Great sound quality.

Setlist similar to Glasgow with some reordering, e.g. second set strted with Are Your Ready... (and in fact most of the audience weren't as they were in the bar still), and encores were Undressed (with Highbury Hill ref) and Lost Weekend.

One HUGE disappointment: the song most on my brain from Broken Record, Oh Genevieve, wasn't played, which seems to be the norm. Why oh why? It was the thing I was most looking forward to, though all the other new ones sounded superb. Can just imagine it with mandolin, etc.

Funny about the ref to Franzen's 'Freedom' up above. I'm reading 'The Corrections' right now, as I haven't got round to it yet and want to read it before the super-praised 'Freedom', and as I watched, I thought that there are many similarities between Lloyd and the Franzen of 'The Corrections', at least. Topic for a new thread elsewhere? No surprise at all that Lloyd's reading him and I would imagine is an enthusiast. 'The Corrections' so far is sublime.

Posted by: Otis @ 03/11/2010

Title: Last Night

Thoroughly enjoyed last night’s show and despite the lack of alcohol in the Church (pretty sure Jesus did a trick with water & wine once) thought the venue was great.

Really enjoyed the new songs and thanks Lloyd for signing the album & the golf ball.

Posted by: benj_nelson @ 04/11/2010

Title: Thank you

... for yet another magical evening. I had a wishlist in my head before the gig – some you played, some you didn't – they all sounded divine. Your music has been part of my soundtrack for the last 25 years, and especially in times of strife, I know listening to one of your albums will always restore the equilibrium.

Please, please, please – play in London more than once a year. 12 months is way too long.

If I'd known you were doing signings, I'd have brought the Budweiser can you gave me, Norwich UEA, 1990!

Posted by: katerina_b @ 04/11/2010

Title: Union Chapel

What a great night.

The Chapel was an absolutely amazing venue..like a stage set for a Shakespearean play. Lloyd & the Small Ensemble were SO slick.. really really excellent.

Friend & I had a few mishaps... needed more time to get the drinks in, instead of virtually 'downing in one', hence I tripped on the step/carpet down from the bar shouting out 'Shit!' for all in sundry to hear, friend caught the heel of her shoe in the Chapel aisle grate & 2 men had taken our previous seated positions. Someone shouted 'Undressed' from the top circle & my friend thought it was a request for Lloyd to 'strip off'...she hadn't realised it was the title of one of his songs (Where has she been all this time?)

Lloyd signed my Easy Pieces cassette cover, Matt & Michael signed the White Album.

The 'man on the door' couldn't have been nicer..helped us to park the car etc.

What a great night.

Posted by: Cailin @ 04/11/2010

Language: german
Title: Lloyd in Cologne

finally on sunday the 7th. november 2010 it´s time for Lloyd Cole. I´ve seen Lloyd 2009 in Oldenburg (Kulturetage), great concert. Ok, i stole his wiskeyglass after the show in the bar near the Kulturetage, but you know, it must be my glas.
I hope he plays "steady slowing.." and "man enough").


Posted by: jofreese @ 05/11/2010

Language: english
Title: Bristol,Review

The gig was great,Lloyd and the guys were on fine form.
The sound in this venue was as sweet as a nut.The band were tight and the songs flowed.The Ensamble seem to have relaxed nicely into the set list(Pretty much the same as the Exeter gig song wise).Highlights of tonight perforance were "My Alibi","So you'd like to save the world" and the immense "2cv".Well all were great performances to be honest.Lloyd was on fine form and it was nice to see three great musicians with good humour and wide smiles enjoy what they do best.

The "Broken Record" songs are sounding great,and they seem to be sounding more and more lived in and listenable with every performance of the tour i have seen.Truly a great night was had,and for those who waited it was repaid in full,with Lloyd doing a mega signing session at the end of the night.
The que stretched and winded all around the downstairs bar,of course i found another few gems from my collection that just needed to be signed.I wished Lloyd all the best for the european shows and he was gone,into the night...UK your time is up,Europa ENJOY!!!

What a tour,and what a great artist

Posted by: Stu27 @ 05/11/2010

Language: English
Title: Looking forward to Tuesday

Wonderful -- youre playing a few hundred metres from my home in Munich on Tuesday. I'm hugely looking forward to it!

Posted by: mtk @ 07/11/2010

Title: Exeter - Posted by Stu

Stu posted this somewhere else on the site - I've moved it here <LC>

Well Exeter last night was superb!

The audience were treated to two great sets by Lloyd.
In this intimate but packed venue he kicked off with a sublime version of "No Blue Skies",swiftly followed by a great mix of Hits,Key Album tracks and songs from his vast catalouge.The songs from the the new album "Broken Record" mixed perfectly,"Writers retreat","If i were just a song","Broken Record" and "Man overboard" were just a few highlights.Lloyd was in great humour,his dry and whitty comments made the audience feel relaxed and ready for more.Before we knew it we were into "2cv" and a rousing "Lost Weekend".

Its great that Lloyd continues to become more and more prolific in his songwriting,the new songs are proof.Im sure not many artists can stake claim to be producing work of this quality,and to have such a great body of work past and present is inspirational.At the merchandise stall it was fantastic to see "Broken Record" selling so well.Finally the night was topped off with Lloyd's signing session after the concert, and many fans had a pictures taken.Everyone went home with a big smile on their face,and a spring in their step.

Truly a night to remember and definatley Not a "Lost Weekend".


Posted by: Lloyd @ 08/11/2010

Title: Paris - Posted by Pascale

It was so good to see you and hear you last friday in Paris at l'Alhambra. Beautiful voice and songs, great musicians. Your last album is excellent on CD and stage. It would be great to hear more new songs performed on stage. With a larger band ?

You remain my favorite singer !
A bientôt pour un autre concert à Paris ?

Posted by: Lloyd @ 08/11/2010

Title: Paris - posted by Jerome

Thanks to Lloyd et his small ensemble for the concert last night at the Alhambra. It was great and wonderfull.
Lloyd, did you appréciate the audience ?

A - Of course. The Paris audience was wonderful! LC

Posted by: Lloyd @ 08/11/2010

Title: Posted by Francis and Flo

Few words to express that feeling we had after listening to your music yesterday night in Paris.
I've been waiting for you for a long time man, and as you said we are a little bit older now. Eighties seem far away.
But last night I felt like a young man discovering once again how your songs are beautifull.
You gave us a lot of joy and a very refreshing moment helping us feel better.
Thanks to Mark Schwaber and Matt Cullen for their sweety and pleasant performance.

Take care
Best regards
Francis & Flo

Posted by: Lloyd @ 08/11/2010

Title: Exeter - Posted by Ed

Hi lloyd,
Just wanted to say it was a brilliant concert last night in Exeter,I was the chap who got you your whiskey! Sorry we had to leave and miss the encore and thanks for signing my CD. Please come back to Plymouth sometime, that was also a great night at the Cooperage.

Best wishes,

Posted by: Lloyd @ 08/11/2010

Language: English

München - Live in the 'Freiheiz' 09.11.2010

Hello Lloyd & all LC fans,

thank you for a beautiful 3rd concert, I was happy to witness in Munich (after 2002 in the Bongo Bar and 2003 with you supporting Heather Nova in the Circus Krone. I came for the support act back then;-). It was great for me & my girlfriend sitting in the 1st row and enjoying the art of the "Small Ensemble" ...

For whom interested – the setlist, as i noted:

No Blue Skies
Why I Love Country Music
Perfect Skin
Like A Broken Record
Don't Look Back
My Other Life
Margo's Waltz
Trigger Happy
So You'd Like To Save The World
Writers Retreat!
Why In The World?
I'm Gone
Like Lovers Do
Are You Ready To Be Heartbroken? Impossible Girl
If I Were A Song
The Lady Came From Baltimore
Reason To Believe
Woman In a Bar
Man Overboard
My Alibi
Old Enough To Know Better
No More Love Songs
Forest Fire
Brand New Friend (Lloyd Cole solo)
Lost Weekend

PS: Lloyd, will you publish your excellent cover versions of "The Lady Came From Baltimore" and "Reason To Believe"? And many thanx for the short hello after the gig and your perfectly delivered CD parcels from the US ... All the best for the tour and I hope, that you'll come back soon!

Posted by: ZOOTVTOURist @ 14/11/2010

Title: Posted by mike

I've only seen you live twice before (Canary Wharf - you were solo, and Hammersmith Apollo when you reunited with The Commotions). They were truly memorable but this gig surpassed my expectations. The blending of the acoustic guitars was pure genius.

Posted by: Lloyd @ 15/11/2010

Language: denglish
Title: great concert

After 2 years, i d saw you again - now (after 16 years) back in Francfort and I m surprised again, how good you are on stage. It was a brilliant concert with three brilliant musicians on stage and 28 lovely little songpearls.

Thanks for an fantastic evening!

Uwe Brand

Posted by: goldenbelt @ 16/11/2010

Language: En
Title: Limerick

Yes, I know it was a while ago but it's still in my mind. Paris was good, Limerick was better, intimate, almost.
Mark and Matt were tremendous adjuncts - the sound was fresh!
It bugged me that I didn't recall the wedding song - it was "Don't Look Back", I haven't.
The Guinness was good, the session was stunning, I will be back!


Posted by: ego_ero_tergum @ 16/11/2010

Language: Français
Title: A bientôt

Désolé, j'écris en français ; c'est plus facile pour moi. Chacun son tour Lloyd ;)

Le concert de Paris était vraiment un moment de grâce, un suspension du temps.
Les commentaires des autres sessions me font penser que le Small Ensemble a conquis l'Europe.

Bon retour à la maison à vous trois.
J'imagine que vous êtes contents de retrouver vos familles mais sûrement aussi un peu nostalgiques de terminer cette grande tournée européenne si réussie.

J'espère que vous reviendrez bientôt nous voir. Nous vous attendons.
Peut-être que pour patienter, aurons-nous la chance de trouver un album live ?

En tous cas, merci encore de nous avoir rappelé ces bons souvenirs musicaux.

A très bientôt.

Posted by: François @ 19/11/2010

Language: english
Title: now i'll get through another Swedish winter

Thanks ever so much Lloyd, for the great show last night at Sodra Teatern. NOW I know I'll get through another Swedish winter!! Sorry for all the Japanese/American photos in the lobby, you were very patient and we were not quite up to the modern I-pod technique...
But after four (!) tries, I got a really nice photo - and we both smiled : )
All the best for the rest of the tour!
Anders Ronquist
(who've been to almost all your concerts in Sweden!)

Posted by: aronquis @ 19/11/2010

Title: Wow. Nothing Small with that ensamble!

Just a big THANK YOU from Stockholm. The show was amazing, I was sceptic about the two set format but it was really great to be able to grab a beer and then go back and enjoy the second part if the gig.

BTW, whoever did the PA did a great job, fantastic sound.

We look forward to see you in Stockholm soon again, book Södra teatern for TWO nights as you always sell out in no time.

You fix that, and I get you a good table at PA & Co. Deal?

:D T

Posted by: thomas the swede @ 20/11/2010

Title: Wonderful show in Uppsala

Many thanks for an amazing show last night in Uppsala. But was I surprised (or was I horrified?) to find that one of the guitarists looked scaryingly much like Swedish not very cool artist Thorleif:

Looks aside, the set was fantastic and the arrangements really brought out the best in most of the songs. Personal Favorite: Brand New Friend.

Posted by: ErikUa @ 20/11/2010

Title: What makes autumn bearable...

Just wanted to drop a line to say; thank you ever so much for the concert in Gothenburg tonight.
The songs, your voice and the excellent talent you and Mark and Matt treat your instruments with.
This is what makes autumn bearable and what makes life just a little bit brighter.
Thank you for being you and see you next time!

Regards from the loud (shall we say devoted...?)
girls in the front row seats

Posted by: Annelie @ 20/11/2010

Title: Christmas Eve is from now on...

...November 20 ....

It´s been 15 years since I saw you perform , and in some way , that´s a shame...
However you´ve never been far away , your insightful songs have always been close..

And yesterday in Gothenburg , man , you were closer than ever ...


And for the girls on the front row seats , the joy and happiness one could see in your eyes was like a mirror to my own feelings...

It won´t be another 15 years til´ next time...

Posted by: Roland @ 21/11/2010