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Lloyd & Will Cole Acoustic Sessions 2012
posted: 22/10/2012  by Lloyd
category: Recording News

LCWL002 - The second in our white label, not quite an album, but definitely a CD series is Lloyd & Will Cole Acoustic Sessions 2012. Will and I played some shows together in Europe this Summer for which we worked out some brand new arrangements, and some variations on some very old ones. We went into the studio when we got home and recorded this document. It's just us, live in the studio, playing said arrangements.

Some samples can be heard here - http://soundcloud.com/lloydcole/sets/lloyd-will-cole-acoustic-duo/

You can buy it here - http://shop.lloydcole.com/products/lloyd-will-cole-acoustic-sessions-2012

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Language: denglish
Title: 15 pearls

Hi Lloyd,

after nearly one month, I ve got my CD early this week and waht can I say? It s a again a wonderful little piece of great music. Thank you very much.

It was a great ideo to tour with your son and play together on this silver disc.

I m very interested to hear what Will will do in the future.

ONE QUESTION PLEASE: do you know if the Cole/Roedlius project will be issued on CD? I m still waiting to hear what both of you have done...:-)

Good luck in the studio again

Posted by: goldenbelt @ 22/11/2012

Title: Selected Studies Vol 1

Yes, it will be released early next year I think. Artwork is done. Mastering is done. As soon as bureau b give me a release date I will announce it. It is a strange record. Quite unique, I think and I'm happy with it.

Posted by: Lloyd @ 22/11/2012