May 9, 2018

Speaking of Chance: Electronic Music – Andre Goncalves, Lloyd Cole, Luis Fernandes

May 24th – Centro Internacional das Artes Jose de Guimaraes, Guimaraes, Portugal

May 26th – Teatro das Figuras, Faro, Portugal

May …

April 23, 2018

More shows for 2018, all solo acoustic, songs 1983-1996 –


22 – The Old Church, Portland, OR

23 – The Triple Door, Seattle, WA

26 – Swedish American Hall, San Francisco, CA

27 – …

December 1, 2017

It’s taken a while, I know, but Folksinger Vol 3 is here at last.

Somehow or other, even though it had been my most successful tour in over decade, I never …

May 4, 2015

This was originally posted 29 July 2010 but I’m reviving it, because it is awesome.

Definitely my favourite email this year came today from Brisbane. Here’s the note in it’s entirety …

April 1, 2004

Q – Has anyone else e-mailed you to say how disturbing it is to think of LC (steeped in all that NYC cool) hunched over a PC, sifting through HTML …

April 1, 2004

FAQ – (This is a composite note) Lloyd, please could I send you my tape/mp3 to listen to. Your advice would be invaluable. Sorry to ask but… Yours, singersongwriter

April 1, 2004

Q – Why are there 2 covers of “Love Story”? Did the Americans not approve of your shirt…? And, I know you used a lot of Macromedia’s software for the …

April 1, 2004

Q – At the Coach House, you also played a half-finished song about touring. I thought it was sort of funny that your songwriting seemed to overtake your experiences. Do …

April 1, 2004

Q – First, has having children changed your world/poitical views at all? Has having children made it easier or more difficult to write? Do you have another career now besides …