September 18, 2017

The Retrospective Tour continues.

It was supposed to be a one time thing, but it has proved to be my most successful tour in decades. There is more demand for the …

January 13, 2017


Released March 17th.

Available now at our shop.

Here’s what it is –

The first 4 solo albums (very gently) remastered (there was …

May 4, 2015

This was originally posted 29 July 2010 but I’m reviving it, because it is awesome.

Definitely my favourite email this year came today from Brisbane. Here’s the note in it’s entirety …

January 16, 2016

So it is no longer a secret – my next album of songs will not be only guitars, drums, etc.

I will be integrating my various synths, and the sound will …

January 15, 2016

Last September I performed a couple of shows in Berlin with my modular synth, no singing (warning!). One of the pieces from the Basic Electricity night has been included on …

January 8, 2016

In the process of getting ready to assemble a box set of the first 7 years of my solo career, it is clear that some songs, or rather, some recordings …

January 4, 2016

I know I’ve been quiet, but I have not been lounging by the pool.

I’ve been quite busy buying and selling (mostly selling) studio gear (mostly modular) to try and find …

October 29, 2015

Notes and references for Oct 30th seminar at Worcester State.