That’s right. I spent several hours each day with a smart, charming guy called Thavius (with an ill advised lip ring) who sounds very much like Obama, and his 76 tutorial videos video tutorials. After 5 days and my brain is a little tired. At 56 we’re not supposed to be learning new software, but I don’t like Ableton Live or Logic and I can’t get Reaper to do a few key things I need it to so I’m trying BITWIG

Some people seem to love Bitwig, so I’m giving it a try. So far, so good. Today I took a modular patch and synced Bitwig to it to get the BPM, then I synced the modular to Bitwig and recorded the tracks into it, the drums are midi so they were recorded as midi files. Amazingly most of this went swimmingly and I will try more tomorrow.

My attic studio is also evolving. More on this over the next few posts.