Saturday June 3rd

Rolodex mix reviewed and after finding all kinds of awful digital pops and clicks and removing them (Mick does all that) another one bites the dust.

Next we recall I am not willing – the Moby Grape song. I’ve changed the playout since the last mix, because I thought it might be boring – I changed the chord structure, edited the various chord dependent tracks to work with new plan and added new bass which is hopefully more aggressive. So it takes a while to get the new bits working but we end up with a substantial improvement, I think.

Antidepressant has been pretty comprehensively rearranged since the original mix, which was more than a little polite. I’ve added a whole new guitar part to play against Neil’s lead part and edited several acoustics, and replaced one with a more strident, simple strum. I’m going to re-sing it next week so we need to get it ready, pre-mix. We just about mange to do all that and Mick makes a disc I can take to Bath.

Back at my manager’s flat, where I’m staying I review all the mixes from the last 3 days and I’m happy. You can remix and remix ad infinitum, but I think we’re close to being done, now.

3 songs left.