Q – I’m wondering how you feel about the critical response to your music, especially with your last album and, also, about the lack of attention you get in the music press here in the states.. Honestly, I think “Music in a Foreign Language” is one of the best cds I’ve heard this year, probably the very best, yet I had to discover it through serendipity and circumstance.And I am so glad I happened upon it. Other than what I’ve read on this website, the only review I read of “Music in a Foriegn Language”,which was in “No Depression” magazine , accused it of being too dark and unrelenting(!). Personally I can’t seem to get the cd out of my player- it’s such a great album- but does it annoy you when you release something like that in the states and you get such a tepid response from the mainsream music press? It infuriates me.

A – This record (MIAFL) has had, so far, the best reviews I’ve had for some time. This site is intended to serve as, in part, a database of journalism concerning me. So maybe you can compare responses from year to year, territory to territory, as the database expands. I am not interested in reading everything that is ever written about me, and generally, I’m flattered that anyone writes anything.