Q – Lloyd, we met twice in Bordeaux for “dedicated time” (Virgin for “Weird”, Fnac for “Love Story”), and I asked you the following question : why don’t you put the lyrics of your songs in your albums? You answered something about “poems”, but as my comprehension of English Language was (is still) bad, I couldn’t undertand all your answer. So I ask you the same question 17 years later!
Thanks for your music

A – I probably said that printing them out on the sleeve makes them look like poems, which they are not. It also encourages reading them, rather than listening to them.
On the other hand, if English is your second language, it may be hard to enjoy the music without the help of a lyric sheet. This was a quandry, and the internet now helps – the lyrics can be found (my old site had all of them, my new one will have them all again) easily and those who want or need them can have them without the artist endorsing the idea of everyone having them, regardless.

Publication date: 23/11/2007