I don’t start at Slaughterhouse until 2PM but I’ve got plenty to do before then –

First I need to check the stems that MAM has given me to work with for the keyboard sessions (or more if need be). The files are 24 bit 88.2 and I’ve never worked at that rate on my old G5 (pre Intel PPC) before, so I’m slightly trepidatious. I needn’t be. Once I have figured out how my ancient, but excellent PSX-100 works at 88.2 I’m fine. Logic accepts the files – stereo sub mixes of drums and bass, guitars, and the vocal. All good. In testing I also find a great sound for Flipside – it’s a Spectrasonics synth patch which I used on My Alibi to mix with organ to make it shimmer… it sounds ideal for the intro of this song. I was thinking ‘no synths’ but I prefer – ‘no apparent synths’.

Then I have to find a hotel in London and flights. Priceline rules, these days, I believe, but it sticks me in a rotten part of town. The budget must be boss. London is tough – it is bloody expensive. Still, just a one change subway (underground) journey from Marriott to Mick Glossop’s. It could be worse.

There are no flight bargains to be had so I leave that with my travel agent and I end up out of Boston on BA.

All this time I’m making calls looking for an accordion to rent. I’ve called all the folk I think might have an idea where I could get one… but no one returns my call (what did I do?). This goes on all day and still (as of 1.15 AM) we have no accordion…

I’m about to leave for the studio at 1.45 when the Magic Shop call. They now DO have April 1-3 free for us… But I don’t know if we can take it… we have booked another place (well, Geoff Sanoff has) and I’m not going to cancel at this late notice if it screws them over. Geoff says he will call to see what the deal is – and it turns out that they are fine with us canceling. So we’re back in the Magic Shop and the budget is closer to what it should be… my grey hair, on the other hand, is very much on the up and up.

I text MAM that I’m late, thanks to this drama, and I have him start making more stems that I can work with in Logic – we need a set for every song, basically.

I get there at 2.15 and it’s stems, back up, and clean up, AND, hopefully, another vocal which isn’t yet written…

The New Yorkers (previously That’s Alright (which remains the lyrical refrain)) is about 80% written but I’m missing verse three and half of the final verse.

Once MAM has finished making the stems for the other 11 songs (and I have packed up my gear), I take over the control room and try to write, listening to the track and singing along possible lines. I guess I start this around 4.00PM. Around 6.00 I have some ideas, which I record to see if I can really sing them. I can. Now all we need is the first half of the last verse… I start singing the final version (I hope it’s final) around 7.30. By 8.30 we have a comp but I’m not happy with a few lines. I sing them again and we fly them in to the comp.

Now it’s getting late – I have to pick Blair up from Bradley airport (approx 1 hr drive from the studio) at 10.30! I get the car packed at 9.15 or so, have MAM finish rough mixes and stems without me, get the gear home, and then I need to gas up… typical. I arrive at Bradley at 10.29. His flight is showing ‘on time’ but it isn’t. I meet him at 10.50 and we’re in the Brass Cat at 11.35. Brief nightcaps and here I am updating a weblog in the middle of the night.

Quite a day. My refinished putter arrived, BTW. It looks great. When I will get to use it I don’t know.