I don’t call this a day off.

After I’ve driven Bob to the airport I go back to bed at 8.45 for a few hours. I don’t feel too good. I’ve booked a 7.20 train from Springfield to NYC and there is a lot to get done before I can leave, but I must get some rest.

I figure if I don’t update this weblog today I’ll get so far behind that I won’t be able to remember who did what, so I get the keyboard days done and then I’ve got to get the remaining files in Logic tidied up, exported and taken to Slaugherhouse to be added to the correct files and folders. Again, this takes a while and there is an electric piano part Blair recorded on The New Yorkers that I think is fine, but might be too busy, so I need to edit the midi to create a chords only version. I get it done, plus the glock/celesta on Blair’s tune that I forgot yesterday. By the time I’m done (2.30 or so) MAM is ready for me. We have one vocal comp, which we’ve been meaning to do for a week, still not done – Why In The World? I have him get started without me. When I get there he’s made a great track. Just a little fine tuning needed. We make a rough mix and then import my files into their song files.

It’s 5PM when I leave. I get home, add the rough mixes to my iTunes, convert them to MP3 and upload them to my iDisk. I them send the download link to the team. This leaves me about 45 minutes to pack and shower. Plus we’re out of signed Slaughterhouse CDs in the shop. My wife assembles 50 or so, and I sign them. She drops me off at Springfield station at 6.45. My mic is in my backpack.

That was supposed to be a day off.