10 AM start. Magic Shop.

Today we got most of the Pro Tools files updated with the overdubs from Slaughterhouse, and (on a song by song basis) any outstanding edits which may or may not have been fine tuned are dealt with. On If I Were A Song we add some D Derby vocals to the la la la verse. All singers must sing along here. Matt and Joan are not yet recorded but we will hopefully add them this week.

I’m hoping I might get a lyric finished to sing tonight but it doesn’t happen. I have a good part of Blair’s song beaten into shape, but not the whole thing. I sing it just to be sure that it’s working, melody and phrasing-wise, and it seems to be. By then it is 8.30 so I call a halt.

Dull stuff indeed, but a nice change from the frankly frantic pace I’d been working at.

To the French place down the street (now closed) for some dinner and beer. Not much later here I am Dan’s place with maybe an hour to try to write some more…