Golf, Football, Harmonies and Writing.

The day began in excellent fashion at 10 AM in light drizzle. Played the front nine in level to be 3 up on my pal Michael, only to let it slip, then double the last to gift him a half. Still, we are both pretty happy to play some proper golf. I’m overjoyed – my first three outings had been awful.

Then Arsenal vs Barcelona was live on ESPN. Messi!

Then to work at 5. M Schwaber comes over and we record the missing harmony on Westchester and then he replaces me in the first chorus of Broken record. We use my Neumann M147 into an API mic pre into the Distressor.

I then set to work on Double Happiness. I sit with notepad and pen for several hours. I have leads, I have old notes. I then try singing, using the same mic as MS, but adding some tape saturation simulation on the Distressor to try to ‘warm up’ the 147. I have to do all monitoring with headphones, not just when singing, otherwise William, who’s room is directly below, won’t get any sleep. I do this for several hours. Changing lyrics, seeing how they sing, trying different alternatives… by midnight I’m pretty tired and hoarse. I’ve drunk a little bit of Woodford Reserve, so I decide I’d better listen in the morning. Which is now. I’m about to do just that.

On the other coast, overdubs continue. Fred sent me tambourine and shaker tracks via YouSendIt for Broken Record and Oh Genevieve.

He also sent photos, and this note – “Yes, that says “Property of Captain and Tennille”. In a cartage mix-up many moons ago… I wound up with several C and T percussion things.”