File Management – The Burning!.

So I hadn’t really thought about my flight to London which is at 8.15 AM from Boston which means we need to leave here at 4.15 in the morning! I’m guessing with all these DVDs I need to burn (the average song folder is a bit too big for 2 DVDs) it might not be worth trying to get any sleep. Sadly too right. Far too right. I should have timed the process and mapped out how many I’d be burning. Had I done that I probably would have passed on the art opening we went to at 6.30 and I wouldn’t have gone for that quick beer afterwards…

So I burn CDs all day while I do the album accounting, and all the usual pre-trip stuff. The news on the accounts is not so good. We’ve spent too much money on eating out. But what am I going to do? If I work my team hard all day and we don’t get finished until 9 or 10, I buy them dinner and drinks. The day I can’t do that, I’ll stop this palaver. The DVDs take maybe 20 minutes each to burn… by the time I get back from the bar it’s about 9.30 and I resume the burning. Thankfully I didn’t drink much because it becomes apparent that it’s going to be pretty tight.

4.15 arrives, I’ve packed, washed, brushed teeth. There was no time to nap or shower and there are still 2 DVDs remaining to burn. I can’t go to London without the files backed up. We leave at 4.37. I do sleep maybe 45 minutes in the car. No problems at Boston. I sleep a little on the flight, work on Rod The Mod, two Kakuros, both difficult, completed. We arrive at Heathrow T5 on time. It’s slow getting through customs so I go straight to Derek’s house (Express train to Paddington, queue 10 minutes and cab) and we watch the Masters back nine on his spiffy new TV. We drink a little too much Jameson’s and we may have kept his family awake with our shouting at the TV. Westwood was still in the tournament until the 18th. Phil was awesome.

That was a long day.